Who Is Matteo Martin? Son Of Ricky Martin

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Who Is Matteo Martin? Son Of Ricky Martin

Matteo Martin is the son of singer, songwriter, and actor Ricky Martin.

He has a twin brother named Valentino and two younger sisters. 

He is Puerto Rican by his nationality.

Matteo Martin with his father and brother.
Matteo Martin with his father and brother. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Ricky

Ricky is currently married to Jwan Yosef. They happily married in 2018. 

Ricky met Jwan online, and they started talking with each other on Instagram. 

Shortly after talking, they fell in love, and Ricky proposed to Jwan. 

In 2018 they were already married, but they kept their wedding secret. They are parents of four children. 

He and his partner welcomed a son and a daughter in 2019 through surrogacy.

Ricky Martin with his partner, Jwan Yosef.
Ricky Martin with his partner, Jwan Yosef. Source: Instagram

Dating Life Of Ricky

Ricky has previously dated many women in his life. In 1990, he dated a woman he met on a set. 

She is a TV host. They dated for a few months, and they broke up. After that, he dated Alejandra Guzman in 1992

They dated for some time, and after that, Alejandra broke his heart. 

After that, he dated Rebecca de Alba in 1994, and they stayed in a relationship until 2005.


Matteo is currently 13 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of his father, Ricky, is $130 Million

Enjoying Being A Father

 Ricky is a happily married man, and he has four children together. 

He had all four children via surrogacy and is enjoying being a dad to four wonderful children. 

His little daughter, who is currently three years old, doesn’t let him sing. 

He opened up about spending time with his family in lockdown, and his mom was also there. 

He said his daughter runs his house, although she is just 3. 

He sang coco-melon for her, and she just stopped him from singing. 

She doesn’t like Ricky singing, but his sons love when he sings, and his sons are seen going on tour with him. 

His children have two dads, and he enjoys and loves being with his family,

Passionate About Women 

Ricky is a great actor and singer, and he is also a writer

He has written a book, and he has expressed everything about himself. 

He has also written about his passion for women in that book. 

He said that he loves being with women, and he feels attraction and the sexual thing with women. 

As he is a gay man, it was very unusual for him. 

His passion for women made him question his sexual orientation as if he was bisexual.

He loves being with women and had many relationships with women in the past. 

He told how people loved seeing him with women. 

He has clearly written in his book that he not only had a relationship with women, but women drive him crazy. 

He was all himself and very honest while writing the book. 

Met His Partner Through Painting 

Ricky opened up about his first meeting with his partner on a talk show. 

He is currently married to his partner Jwan, and they are very happy with each other. 

He said that he met his partner on Instagram. His husband is a painter, and he is an art collector

While searching for art on Instagram, he saw a beautiful picture posted by Jwan. 

He then texted him, and they talked for nearly six months on Instagram. 

They only texted each other, which was a very casual talk between them. 

Ricky then decided to meet him, so he went to London and met Jwan. 

He proposed to him, and shortly after, they got married.

Ricky Took A Long Time To Accept Himself

Ricky is gay by his sexuality and is very proud of who he is. 

He learned about his sexuality long ago but had no courage to accept it in front of others. 

He denied being gay when people asked him, but in 2016 he finally accepted being gay in front of the whole world. 

He posted it on social media, and after posting that, he felt very relieved. 

The reason behind his accepting himself was his children. 

He was holding his children, realizing he should accept himself and stop lying about his sexuality.

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