Who Is Matthew Copley? Boyfriend Of Delta Goodrem

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Who Is Matthew Copley? Boyfriend Of Delta Goodrem

Matthew Copley is a singer, songwriter and producer who is the boyfriend of Delta Goodrem

His girlfriend is an Aussie Singer and Lyricist. He was born in Australia. 

Matthew Copley with his mother and brother
Matthew Copley with his mother and brother Source: Instagram

His Love Life

Matthew is dating Delta Goodrem. They have been together since 2017.

They met each other in a music scene while Delta was on tour in 2017

Delta gave some insight into their relationship in an interview, saying she was all about long-term friendship and relationships.

The couple rarely talks about their love life. 

But there were spotted being intimate in public and made their romance Instagram official after she posted their picture. 

During the lockdown, they both perform together in their living room.

Matthew Copley with his girlfriend Delta Goodrem
Matthew Copley with his girlfriend Delta Goodrem Source: Instagram

Is He Married To Delta?

In 2018, Delta said that she was looking forward to becoming a mother, but there was no rush for that as they were focused on building their career. 

Matthew Copley's girlfriend Delta Goodrem
Matthew Copley's girlfriend Delta Goodrem Source: Instagram


Matthew is 36 years old. His height is 5 feet 9 inches. He weighs around 75 kg.

Net Worth

Matthew's net worth is estimated to be $ 1-5 million. His main source of income is from his singing profession.

Matthew Copley with his guitar
Matthew Copley with his guitar Source: Instagram

Delta Talked About Her Fantasy Marriage With Matthew

When she was asked about when she will get married. 

She replied she was not thinking of getting married at that time and won’t get married any time soon. 

She had an exciting way of getting married in a fantasy sphere. 

She joked about getting married on a voice set. But she would tie a knot in Hawaii

They all joked that she should get married on the voice set as she could not leave the country due to the pandemic situation. 

She thought that it was a great point.

Matthew Sat Down With His Friend Conrad Sewell For An Interview

Matthew and Conrad used to work together in a band. 

They were in the same high school and played music together for many years. They backed each other. 

They used to have junk food all day. They were giving interviews while having dumplings. 

The two seemed to be a very close friends. 

Matthew was asking fan questions to Conrad, and he was answering them. 

At last, they joked about how much weight they had gained while eating those dumplings for a video. 

They ate a total of 84 dumplings in that video. Matthew could not believe it, but Conrad was going for a hundred. 

Matthew gave, but his friend kept going on.

Delta Had Gone Through A Serious Health Battle Issue

Delta revealed that she was secretly battling a health issue, and she spent a year talking to talk again. 

She had surgery to remove her salivary gland, but her surgery went wrong. 

It left her with a paralyzed nerve in her tongue. She filmed herself going through that hardship. 

She was embarrassed and did not want to go out. She practiced a lot to talk better.  

As time passed by, she recovered well. She did not give up and kept on going despite all the struggles. 

She was her motivator. 

But it was hard for her to start singing again as she could not sing by her heart for a year. 

She was confused as if she would ever be to sing like before. 

But this girl worked hard and won millions of hearts worldwide with her soulful voice.

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