Who Is Mattias Paulin Ferrell? Son Of Will Ferrell

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Who Is Mattias Paulin Ferrell? Son Of Will Ferrell

Mattias Paulin Ferrell is the son of actor, comedian, and writer Will Ferrell.

He was born in 2006. He has two siblings, Magnus and Axel. His birthday falls on 30 December. Mattias is very passionate about sports. 

Family of Mattias Paulin Ferrell.
Family of Mattias Paulin Ferrell. Source: Just Jared

Married Life

Will is happily married to Viveca Paulin. His wife is from Sweden

They met each other in an acting class. Will said he used to send her flowers with a note every day. 

He added Viveca had the same sense of humor as him, and he loved her simplicity. 

They tied the knot in 2000 after dating for some years. They are blessed with three beautiful children.

Parents Of Mattias Paulin Ferrell.
Parents Of Mattias Paulin Ferrell. Source: People

Will Is A Sweden Santa

Will gave an interview on TheEllenShow, where he talked about his family tradition, kids, and his movie. 

The show was hosted by famous actress Jennifer Aniston as a guest host, so at the very start of the interview, Will and Jennifer talked about how they met. 

Will met Jennifer back in 1999 at the SNL show. Jennifer was the host of the show, and Will was so nervous seeing Jennifer there. 

He likes Jennifer and was having a hard time initiating conversation, but he somehow talked to Jennifer and made her laugh a lot. 

Jennifer congratulated Will on his 20th anniversary and asked about his family tradition. 

Will’s wife, Vivica, is from Sweden, and because of that, they celebrate Christmas in Swedish style. 

Will opened up that every year, they organize X Mas party and invite 75 to 100 people along with their kids to the party. 

The interesting thing about the party is Sweden Santa, and it's called Tomten. 

Will is the one who becomes Tomten every year. He gets dressed in stylish tunics with a red belt and then gives gifts to the kids. 

Will explained that Tomten Santa is different than normal Santa because Tomten doesn’t just give gifts, he makes them earn them. 

So he collects all the names of the kids coming to the party and makes them do stuff, and then only he hands over the gift. 

Will gets very nervous while doing that because, for half an hour, he has to do the improvement sessions to make kids earn the gift. 

The kids get very excited, but there are always some kids who get nervous and can’t earn it, so he just makes them do five push-ups and give it to them. 

He and his family have been celebrating Christmas in Swedish style for a long time now, and it has become an exciting family tradition thing for them.


Mattias is 16 years old.

Net Worth 

His father's net worth is estimated to be $160 million. 

Will Shared His First Paparazzi Experience

During the Saturday Night Live Show, Will gathered a lot of attention from viewers and appeared in many comedy movies while he was hosting the show.

After leaving the show, his movie career started to grow tremendously. 

He got a lot of media attention. He said that he was never a paparazzi guy. 

He revealed when his movie was released in 2003, he was walking in the streets of New York with his wife, and people started following him. 

He said it was exciting, weird, and alarming. He wondered why the person by his side was walking at his speed and holding a camera in his hands. 

Will Kick Out Shaq

Will said he liked weird costumes, so his friends gifted him a Staples Centre Security Huard costume. 

He loved and wanted to wear the outfit in one of the Laker's games. 

He revealed that wearing that costume took him an entire season to collect strength and gut. 

He didn’t want to get kicked out. He wanted the players to see him in that dress. 

He carried his tie and jacket, wore the pants, and entered the arena. 

Once he was through the ticket counter, he wore his jacket and tie and stood there. 

He stood at the court as a security guard and watched the crowd. 

Kobe Bryant saw him and didn’t understand what he was doing there. After that, the whole section started taking pictures of him as he was on the big screen. 

The actual security guard appreciated him and gave a shout-out. After that, he sat down, and someone from behind tapped on his shoulder and said that Shaq thought that it was hilarious and that guy recommended the idea of throwing Shaq out of the game.

He agreed and stood up once again. He was 30 meters away from him and kept looking at him. 

He pointed to him, signaled to stand up, and threw Shaq out of the game. 

Will Came Up For An Interview Instead Of Ryan Reynolds

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Ryan was supposed to come, but instead of him, his faithful friend Will filled the shoes for him. 

He said that Ryan could not make it to the show. He shared that he got a text from Ryan and knew that Ryan would not make it to the show. 

He added he was nearby, so he rode down the hill and came to the show. 

He was not in the movie Red Notice but was excited to see Ryan, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot in the film together. 

He even promoted his friend's movie. 

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