Maura Gallagher

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Maura Gallagher

Maura Gallagher is the mother of famous Irish singer and songwriter Niall Horan. She was married to Bobby Horan

Maura has two sons with Bobby named Greg and Niall.

She divorced her husband when her younger son was five years old. She has a grandchild named Theo Horan.

Maura Gallagher with her son
Maura Gallagher with her son  Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Of Niall Horan

Niall was suspected that he dated Selena Gomez. 

The gossip of their relationship rose when they were caught spending a lot of time with each other. 

But Selena denied saying that they were only friends. Later Niall was in a relationship with Hailee Steinfeld.

Almost everyone knew their relationship. They have both dated each other since 2018. They stayed as a couple for a year and a half. 

After breaking up with Niall, she also released a song named Wrong Direction, in which she pointed out Niall as a dishonest person.

As of 2021, Niall is in a relationship with Amelia Woolley, a fashion buyer. They started dating in 2019 and completed a year of togetherness with her. 

They both opened about their relationship in public through social media. 

At first, Niall shared a picture of legs which made his fans doubtful. Later, Amelia posted their photos together, which confirmed about them dating. 

Niall with his girlfriend, Amelia
Niall with his girlfriend, Amelia  Source: Instagram

About Niall Horan 

Niall's full name is Niall James Horan is an Irish singer and songwriter born on 13 September 1993.

He was born in Mullingar, Country Westmeath of Ireland

His mother's name is Maura Gallagher, and his father's name is Bobby Horan. 

He was raised with his elder brother. He was just five years old when his mom and dad got separated. 

He took part in X-factor, the singing show when he was a teen. He is well known as a former member of the One-Direction band

His first solo album was released in 2017. Some of the hit songs are This Town, Our Song, and Inside Out

He has also won many awards for his songs 

Maura Gallagher with her ex-husband and son
Maura Gallagher with her ex-husband and son  Source: Pinterest


Niall is 28 years old.

Net Worth

The net worth of Niall is $70 Million. His source of income is singing and songwriting. 

The income of Irish singers is estimated to be €42,500 per year.

Niall Horan Got Harmed By Fans

When Niall was performing on the stage, he harmed his knee.

According to him, when he was performing on the stage, he got hit by something that injured his knee

Horan had a knee problem in the past. He informed that he went through a big operation as he had some problem with his knee. 

He opened up that his knee got dislocated and pained him for many years. After that, he got a major surgery to correct it. 

And even though he had surgery, his knee was weak, and as he was hit by something in his knee during his performance, he was in big pain. 

So he posted about this on his Twitter account. He also requested his fans not to throw any objects while performing on the stage. 

However, he was mistakenly hit by something but it gave him lots of pain. 

His band member Harry Styles also got hit by something in his face, but he didn't speak about it. 

Niall Was Blamed For Insulting Dustin

In 2020, Niall was invited to a show named The Den. In that interview, Niall was too comfortable that he started joking around. 

He said something about Dustin, who is also a singer. 

Before saying something, he already mentioned that he was joking, but some of his fans cut the clip and posted it to show Niall insulting Dustin. 

Dustin later viewed that same clip. 

After watching that video, he was completely pissed off and responded, saying that it's too much insulting and Niall shouldn't do that.

Later in an interview, Niall was asked about his relationship with Dustin. 

He then cleared out everything about the clip, saying that the clip was cropped and presented in the wrong way. 

He also assured that the full video was something else. 

Dustin, who watched the real video after, apologized as he misunderstood the video. 

Niall Felt Captured When He Was In One-D

Niall was a former member of the famous Irish boy's band One-Direction. He spoke about his life when he was in that band. 

He said that he felt like a prisoner when he was in that band. He never felt the freedom that he was searching for. 

He was surrounded by the fan wherever he and his band members went. He also said he had many crazy fans. 

He said that the madness of fans didn't let them get their freedom. 

They followed them wherever they went, making him feel like a captured person. 

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