Maureen Dumont Kelly- Tragedy Of Minka Kelly Mother

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Maureen Dumont Kelly- Tragedy Of Minka Kelly Mother

Maureen Dumont Kelly is the late mother of Minka Kelly, who is an American actress and model. Minka is best known for starring in the NBC drama series Friday Night Lights.

Maureen Used To Take Minka To A Strip Club

Maureen lived with her daughter in an old storage shed at an apartment complex. Maureen didn’t have money for childcare, so she was forced to bring Minka to work at the Crazy Girls strip club in Los Angeles

At that time, Minka didn't understand the reality and wished her mother was like the other's mom.

Maureen's partner Rick Dufay, a guitarist was absent from their life, so she had to take care of her daughter all by herself, so she chose to be a stripper.

Maureen Dumont Kelly's ex-husband and their daughter.
Maureen Dumont Kelly's ex-husband and their daughter. Source: Pinterest

Daughter Got Pregnant At The Age Of 17

When her daughter Minka was 17 years old, Maureen had to leave the town after getting a warning of a potential drug bust. But, unfortunately, she left her daughter alone in the city.

So, Minka had no choice and ended up living with her high school boyfriend, Rudy.

But her boyfriend was abusive and later got her pregnant with his baby at the young age of 17. 

Suddenly Maureen returned home, and Minka decided to get an abortion.

But Maureen suggested Minka give birth to that child and helped her raise it. 

But Minka didn't want to bring the baby into the world with unsecured childhood like her. 

So, she went to the clinic and aborted her baby for the baby's sake. 

Maureen Dumont Kelly with her daughter, Minka Kelly.
Maureen Dumont Kelly with her daughter, Minka Kelly. Source: Instagram


Maureen was born on December 20, 1956. She died at the age of 51.

Net Worth

Her daughter Minka's net worth is estimated at $5 Million. 

Died Due To Cancer

Maureen died due to colon cancer in 2008. Her daughter, Minka, was in Los Angeles and busy with her career.

After knowing her mother was diagnosed with colon cancer, she moved her mother to Austin, Texas, where she was filming her NBC series. 

At that time, she asked everything with her mother about her childhood and that traumatizing upbringing.

She understood her mother's position and felt regret and shame in her thinking and her mother's struggle.

She cared for her mother until she died at the age of 51.

Minka Relationships

Minka is in a relationship with Imagine Dragon singer and songwriter Dan Reynolds

They were seen holding hands at the Los Angeles International Airport. After that, the rumors of their dating spread like fire.

They started dating after Dan's divorce from his wife was finalized. Dan is a single dad of four kids. 

Prior, Minka dated several famous personalities. She has dated Trevor Noah, a comedian, and they separated in 2022.

She also has a long-term relationship with Derek Jeter, a businessman. They dated for three straight years, from 2008 to 2011.

She also dated Chris Evans, an actor, and a singer John Mayer.

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