Maurice MacGowan- Tragedy Of Shane MacGowan Father

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Maurice MacGowan- Tragedy Of Shane MacGowan Father

Maurice MacGowan is the father of Shane MacGowan, who was an Irish musician. 

He was married to Theresa MacGowan. The couple met in Dublin. His wife was a singer and dancer. They had two children, Shane and Siobhan.

His daughter Siobhan is an author.

Maurice Macgowan's wife and their son.
Maurice Macgowan's wife and their son. Source: Instagram

Death Of Wife

His wife, Theresa, died in the car crash on New Year's Day of 2017. Her car hit the wall while driving alone. 

She was 87 years old at the time of death.

Family of Maurice MacGowan.
Family of Maurice MacGowan.

Shane Passed Away At The Age Of 65

Shane was the frontman of The Pogues. He passed away at 65 due to encephalitis. 

He is known for hits like Fairytale of New York. He battled health issues and substance abuse and used a wheelchair since 2015. 

His wife, Victoria Mary Clarke, expressed deep sorrow on Instagram about her beloved husband's demise. 

Shane was born in Kent to Irish immigrants, which led to The Pogues shaping Irish punk from 1982 to 2014.  

He made the song Fairytale of New York with Kristy MacColl. Many musicians like Pete Doherty and Nick Cave expressed their sadness. 

Shane was known for his amazing songwriting and his impact on Irish culture. 

His lyrics and music made him a legend in the music world. Despite facing health issues and an encephalitis diagnosis last year, his death is deeply felt by fans and the music community. 

Shane Macgowan with his wife.
Shane Macgowan with his wife. Source: Instagram

Shane And His Wife Victoria Mary Clarke's Relationship

Shane is married to Victoria Mary Clarke. She is an Irish journalist and has had a successful career writing for various UK and Irish publications. 

She grew up in West Cork after being abandoned by her father as a baby. 

Victoria learned to read at a young age and became a respected journalist. 

She also authored books, including a biography co-written with her husband, Shane

Shane and Victoria met when she was 16, and they began dating four years later. 

They got engaged in 2007 and married in a low-key ceremony in Copenhagen City Hall in 2018, with Johnny Depp playing the guitar. 

Victoria shared Shane’s journey to sobriety, mentioning his struggles with alcohol and hard drugs. 

After a hospital stay for pneumonia and a hip injury, Shane became sober. 


Maurice's son died at the age of 65.

Net Worth

As an Irish musician, Maurice's son Shane's net worth is about $5 million.

Shane Talked About His Music, Health, And Many More

In an interview, Shane talked about his health and performances with The Pogues.

He mentioned feeling good, though he admitted to carrying some extra weight. 

Despite his unwelcome past in Poland, he expressed gratitude for the chance to keep making music.

Shane also discussed the smoking ban in Ireland and confessed to sometimes ignoring it in public places because he finds it a silly rule. 

In another part of the interview, he shared thoughts on retiring from music, highlighting the pressure from society and his determination to stay active for a long time. 

Shane sees his rebellious image as part of his charm and doesn’t plan on stopping his music career anytime soon. 

Shane also shared his plan to sell valuable stuff online to fund a new studio album. 

He also talked about wanting to reconnect with a lady from a 20-year relationship, even though his drinking habits might be a hurdle. 

Shane believed having common ground is crucial for a good relationship. He thanked the interviewer and seemed excited about his upcoming album. 

Maurice's Son Shane's Musical Journey

Shane was born in 1957 in Kent to Irish parents. Shane, fascinated with music from a young age, won a literary prize at 13 but faced struggles like expulsion from school for drugs. 

He entered the punk scene in 1976 and became known with The Nipple Erectors and the late The Nips. In 1982, he formed The Pogues, drawing on Irish music. 

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