Who Is Maximillion Copper? Husband Of Eve Cooper

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Who Is Maximillion Copper? Husband Of Eve Cooper

Maximillion Cooper is a British entrepreneur, racecar driver, and skateboarder. 

He is married to Eve Cooper and known to the public as the husband of Eve

His wife is a famous rapper, singer, actress, and Tv presenter.

Parents of Maximillion Cooper.
Parents of Maximillion Cooper. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Maximillion

Maximillion is happily married to Eve. They have been together since 2010. They tied a knot in 2014 in Spain

He is a very supportive husband. The couple has a son, whom they welcomed in 2022

Cooper has four kids from his previous marriage.

Maximillion Cooper with his wife, Eve Cooper.
Maximillion Cooper with his wife, Eve Cooper. Source: Instagram


Maximillion was born on 7 June 1972 and his current age is 50 years old.

Net Worth

His wife's net worth is estimated to be $12 million. She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as a rapper, songwriter, and actress.

Eve Is A Stepmom Of Four Kids

Maximillion has four kids from his first marriage. After she got married to him, the kids became part of her life. 

She said that her stepkids are really cool. 

In the beginning, they didn't know who she was. Later, when they start growing up, they knew that she was a celebrity. 

She said she connected with them easily. 

She revealed she has changed as a person as she has become nicer and softer after being with them. 

She said she didn’t have a good relationship with her stepdad, so she wanted to have a good relationship with her stepkids. 

Maximillion Cooper with his children.
Maximillion Cooper with his children. Source: Instagram

She added that she can't be their real mom, but she wants them to be friendly and comfortable with her. 

She also added when they do bad stuff, she tries to stop them but never tries to force them to do something or enforce strict rules for them. 

She is a cool stepmom. She said her oldest stepdaughter is very friendly to her as she shared about her boyfriend with her, not with her dad. 

She mentioned she is also in a cordial relationship with her biological mother.

Eve Talked About Why She Agreed To Queens

Eve is not just a rapper; she is also an actress.

When she read the script of Queens, she was like, how can she play the character as it was not an easy task for her. 

It took her two weeks to actually understand the character and found her voice. 

She said that if she would have offered this role way before, she would have definitely turned it down as she would not have mixed her rapping and acting careers at the same time. 

She would have prioritized her music first. But the script was so good that she couldn’t turn it down. 

Eve Discussed 90s Hip-Hop

In an interview, Eve said that 90s and 2000 hip hop had pureness and uniqueness. It was like a movement. 

She said the energy and the vibe of that time were great, and she feels that if today's artists could feel that, then it would have been much better. 

She said all the women artists should come together and have a sisterhood. 

She further added she envies today's hip hop in the sense that one doesn’t need any label to do things and can do on their own and find people and achieve things. 

The difference she finds between 90s hip hop and today is that 90s hip hop was celebrated for its uniqueness, but in today's world, there is sameness instead of uniqueness. 

She finds it boring sometimes. 

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