Who Is Maya Boyce? Sister Of Cameron Boyce

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Who Is Maya Boyce? Sister Of Cameron Boyce

Maya Boyce is the sister of the late American actor Cameron Boyce. 

She was born to her parents Libby and Victor Boyce

She is an actress by her profession. She is an American citizen

Maya Boyce with her mom and brother, Cameron Boyce.
Maya Boyce with her mom and brother, Cameron Boyce. Source: Instagram

Her Love Life

Maya is not married yet, so she has no husband. However, she does have a boyfriend. 

She is currently dating PJ Diaz. It is known that they have been dating each other since they were in high school. 

But they kept their relationship private before, but in 2019 Maya opened up about her boyfriend through her social media. 

As of now, they are public about their relationship and share many pictures on their social media. 

Maya Boyce with her boyfriend.
Maya Boyce with her boyfriend. Source: Instagram


Maya is 20 years old. Her height is 5 feet 5 inches.

Net Worth 

Maya has a net worth of $1 million

Maya Boyce with her dad.
Maya Boyce with her dad. Source: Instagram

Devastated By Brother’s Death 

Maya’s lost her elder brother Cameron in 2020.

She had been very close to him, and his sudden demise left Maya and her family stunned. 

After her brother's death, she wrote on her social media saying that she was sad and devastated after her brother’s death. 

She described that her brother Cameron was perfect and he was a very kind person. 

He died at the age of 20, but he did so many great things that many people could not do in 100 years

He was her idol, and she feels really lucky thatsuch a man loved hern for so many years. 

She opened up that she was sad and broken, but at that same time, she felt happy that she was with her brother in his last hours. 

His brother traveled the world, did many great things, and encouraged other people to do too.

Death Of Cameron 

Cameron died at the age of 20 years old. He was the only son of his parents and had one sister Maya

His mom and dad opened up about his death on ABC News

It was known that Cameron passed away in his sleep because of Epilepsy

His mom said that he had a seizure and that his first seizure was in his sixteen.

After that, he had four seizures in some time period, and in the fifth seizure, he passed away. 

Cameron was also under medication, and his dad said he only had seizures in the nighttime. 

Before the last seizure that took his life, he didn’t have a seizure for 13 months, and his mom thought it was fine. 

According to his parents, Cameron was the kindest and sweetest person many people would ever meet. 

Grandma Is His Biggest Fan

In one of the interviews, Cameron’s grandma opened up about how proud she was to see her grandchild succeed. 

She said that she was a big fan of Cameron and had watched Cameron’s show Decedent 6 or 7 times. 

Cameron was there in that interview, and he was really gushing when his grand-mom talked about his successful career. 

She said that Cameron is a very understanding and well-behaved kid, so she doesn’t have more advice to give to him. 

She said that Cameron has a great mum and dad, so she doesn’t have to teach anything to Cameron

The only thing that Cameron’s grand-mom said to him was to believe in himself because if he believes in himself, he can achieve anything that he wants in his life.

Cameron Reacted Against Sexual Assault

Cameron came from a family of activists. He was a very good person and was involved in much good work. 

Some time back, he fired an APA agent as Blaise Godbe Lipman blamed that agent for assaulting him. 

The victim said that he was only 18 years old when he got assaulted by Agent Tyler Grassman. 

Lipman met Tyler when he was 18. He was talking to Tyler about singing and when he was sexually abused by Tyler. 

Cameron fired that agent after he knew about the whole issue.

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