Who Is Maya Yoshida's Wife? How Much Is His Net Worth?

by Pragya Wed Oct 19 2022 Updated On Fri Nov 11 2022
Who Is Maya Yoshida's Wife? How Much Is His Net Worth?

Maya Yosida is a Japanese footballer. He plays for the football club Schalke 04 as a center-back, and he is also the captain of the Japan national team.

He was born to his parents, Akiko and Ari Yoshida, in Nagasaki. He has his birthday on August 24. 

He is a Japanese citizen by his nationality.

with daughter on vacation
with daughter on vacation Source: Instagram

Married life of Maya 

Maya is a married man, but he hasn't revealed his wife's identity but has mentioned her in some interviews. 

He also has a daughter and has posted some also posted pictures with his daughter. His wife seemed to be his long-time girlfriend.

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Maya Yoshida kissing his daughter
Maya Yoshida kissing his daughter Source: Instagram

Age and Net Worth 

Maya is 34 years old. The net worth of Maya is 15.8 Million euros. His source of income is his salary as a football player.

Maya is motivated by his success

Maya is one of the few Japanese players who has reached this level of success as he plays for one of the greatest German clubs, Schalke04

He has been one of the best defenders in the league and is hard to beat. 

Many Japanese has not reached this height of success in football, and Japanese players are much underrated, according to him. 

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So him being in that position inspires many in his country to have hope that they can also reach that level of success. 

And looking at people getting inspired by him, he is also motivated to play well and gain much more success.

Maya took it personally.

Maya's Japan national team was defeated in one of the international matches. After the game was finished, he was in front of the stadium to give an interview to discuss the game, their weaknesses, and their strengths. 

But before anything could happen, he was bullied and teased by many audiences in front of them. 

Maya was racially abused by them because of his Asian origin. But Maya decided to act against this abuse. 

He came into anger and took that behavior personally. 

He later said that anyone could not change what has been running for ages. 

Asians have always been racially discriminated so for this to change, everyone has to change in groups.

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Maya has to go through physical and mental pain

Maya plays in a European country, and he has been doing good there. 

But he is also the captain of the Japanese national team. So he has to manage both the teams.

He mainly plays for his club in Germany, but whenever needed in the national team, he travels back to his country, which is very far from Europe

In the 2021/22 season, he traveled back and forth from his club to his country so many times that he was physically and mentally tired. 

He had no time to rest and was constantly traveling and playing. Sometimes, he also had to play without any sleep or proper training. 

Due to the pressure of a World Cup qualifier, he had a hectic schedule this year. 

It was not just about him. He revealed that all the Asian players playing in the European country have to go through physical and mental trouble.

Maya was shocked by reporter Fabrizio Romano

Maya was about to move from his former Italian club Series A to a club in Germany, Schalke 04

It would be a free transfer, and the news was not known by anyone, not even Maya’s wife. 

The club was also unsure about the decision, and the news was hidden as it was uncertain. 

But an Italian reporter somehow found out about it and posted it on his Twitter. 

The reporter named, Fabrizio Romano revealed the transfer to the world. 

Maya was shocked and shared the news posted by Fabrizio, saying that he knew the news before Maya’s wife even knew about it. 

He called the reporter incredible.

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