Meadow Walker

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Meadow Walker

Meadow Walker is the daughter of the late American actor, Paul Walker. Her mother's name is Rebecca Soteros

She is only child of Paul and Rebecca. Meadow herself is an actress, model and television personality by her profession. 

Meadow with her father in her childhood
Meadow with her father in her childhood  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status of Meadow Walker 

The young actress Meadow is in a relationship with Louis Thornton-Allan. 

In 2021, they began dating. 

As they maintain privacy at the beginning of their relationship, it is unknown when they exactly started dating. 

They look very nice together. 

Meadow opened up about her having an affair with Louis back in July

She revealed it through her social media as she posted some good pictures of them together. 

A month after revealing her boyfriend, she got engaged with him.  They both got married in October

They happy couple shared many photos and videos of their marriage ceremony. 

As of now, Meadow is starting her new married life with her husband, Louis.

Meadow with her husband
Meadow with her husband  Source: Instagram 

About Meadow Walker 

Meadow's full name is Meadow Rain Walker, an American actress, model, and TV personality born on 4th November 1998

She is well known for being the daughter of famous late actor Paul Walker. Although she was born in Hawaii, she grew up in California.  

She lost her father in 2013, and after that, his dad's friend Vin Diesel took care of her as a godfather. 

Meadow is the co-founder and director of a foundation named after his dad.  

She is in a modeling career and trying her best to be an actress. She is married now.

Meadow in her selfie
Meadow in her selfie  Source: Instagram


She is 22 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Meadow is $10 Million. Her source of income is actress, model and television personality

The average income of an actress is $218,000 per year. 

What happened to Meadow Walker's Dad?

Meadow is known for being the daughter of famous actor Paul Walker

Paul was a great and talented actor who had earned a lot of success and popularity from his movies. 

Meadow and his dad had a special bonding between them. Back in 2013, Meadow lost his dad due to a car crash. 

It was heartbreaking for his family and his fans. 

It was known that Paul went for charity work with his friend when he got into an accident. 

The car crashed hit a lamppost because of it which it caught fire. 

Paul and his friend's bodies were completely burned that it was so difficult to recognize. 

Paul's accident was hard on her daughter as she was very young at that time.

Meadow Walker Walked Down On Aisle By His Godfather

Meadow's father, Paul Walker, was supposed to be with Meadow on her wedding day to walk her through the aisle. 

His best friend Vin walked Meadow on the aisle in place of Paul as Paul was no more. It was an emotional moment for both Meadow and Vin

Vin has been Meadow's godfather, and her dad had a friendship with Van when he was alive. 

After Paul passed away, Vin was a father figure for Meadow. Vin has also always treated her as his daughter. 

Being a father figure, Vin did fulfill all the requirements of a father in Meadow's marriage. 

After seeing this, their fans were also too proud, amazed and emotional.

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