Mel M. Metcalfe III- Truth About Portia De Rossie Ex-Husband

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Mel M. Metcalfe III- Truth About Portia De Rossie Ex-Husband

Mel M. Metcalfe III is an actor, director, documentary filmmaker and successful businessman. He is also a philanthropist and sound engineer. 

He is an ex-husband of an Australian-American actress and model, Portia de Rossie.

Mel M. Metcalfe III's ex-wife Portia de Rossie.
Mel M. Metcalfe III's ex-wife Portia de Rossie. Source: Instagram

Why Did Mel And Portia Breakup?

Mel was married to Portia in 1996. They were married for three years and got separated in 1999.

A source said that Portia married Mel to get a green card, but later she felt bad as they shared a very caring and beautiful relationship. 

Portia had written a book named Unbearable Lightness, where she had revealed more about her relationship with Metcalfe. 

Though she married him for the green card, she realized it later became serious. She loved him. 

Mel left Portia for another woman who was her brother's wife. 

Mel ran away with Portia's brother's wife, Renne Kappos. She did not see that Renne was sabotaging her marriage. 

Portia and her brother were left in disbelief.

Second Marriage

After getting divorced from his ex-wife, he tied a knot with Renne Kappos.

Renne has two daughters from her previous marriage. They exchanged their wedding vows in 2006

They are a family of four. They are happily married to date. 

He is a family man and loves his wife. He does not have a girlfriend. He is loyal to his wife. 

The couple does not have any children from their marriage. 

Mel M. Metcalfe III with his wife Renne Kappos.
Mel M. Metcalfe III with his wife, Renne Kappos. Source: Instagram

Portia's wife is the reason behind her career end? 

Portia and her wife Ellen DeGeneres have been married to each other for a long time. Their love life hasn't been hidden to anyone and it seems beyond perfect. However things might not be the same as it seems because after Ellen's talk show ended many rumors of Ellen and Portia's relationship started coming out. In 2020 Ellen ended her talk show after many workers from Ellen show accused her of creating a toxic work environment. She was blamed for being obnoxious without any reason and people who worked with her even claimed that she is totally a different person off camera. After that Portia showed support to Ellen publicly by posting on social media which made people doubt that Ellen was the one who made Portia speak in public. Portia has always been a private person and she never had posted or spoken about any issues on the internet but her speaking for Ellen made people think that she was forced by Ellen. Portia always had a successful career in Hollywood and was one of the most appreciated actresses but her she ended her successful career after she got married with Ellen. In 2011, Portia and Ellen even thought of getting divorced from each other and the reason behind Portia taking that step was Ellen being a control freak. Portia has once spoken about Ellen being controlling to her and she was afraid of Ellen. Portia had suffered from an eating disorder but her own partner Ellen was unknown about her disorder. Ellen herself admitted that she was unaware about Portia's eating disorder before she read Portia's memoir which clearly showed Ellen's negligence toward Portia. There have been several news of Ellen being the reason behind Portia quitting acting and there have also been rumors of Ellen making Portia sign NDA during their wedding vows renewal ceremony where Ellen has asked Portia not to ever get involved in acting business.


Mel is 50 years old. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall. He weighs around 66 kg.

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be $ 2 million. 

He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as an actor, director, filmmaker and sound engineer. 

He has worked in more than 160 movies and Tv series in the sound department. 

Is Portia Single?

After her divorce from Mel, she came out as a lesbian. 

She dated Ellen DeGeneres for four years and tied the knot with her in 2008.

They have been married for more than 12 years. They met each other in a concert. 

She found Ellen very fascinating, beautiful and funniest person. So she ran after her backstage at that show. 

At that time, Ellen was open about her sexuality, but Portia was not comfortable talking about her sexuality. 

They did not connect in their first meeting. They started dating three years after their first meeting. 

People learned about their relationship when Ellen joined her at the Golden Globe after-party. 

In an interview, they admitted they are lucky to have each other.

Why Does Portia Decide To Keep Herself Out From The Spotlight?

Portia is rarely seen on screen these days. She started her career as a model and then got her foot into acting. 

She was cast in many shows, but none of them worked for her. She made the choices that did not go well for her. 

She appeared in other films and production, but they were also unsuccessful, which led to her disappearing from Hollywood.

In an interview, she revealed that she decided to leave that show. 

She found a new career that she was excited about, so she decided to retire from Hollywood. 

She has started an online gallery called General Public about the high-end art business.  

She quietly left the industry. Portia is very silent and does not like to talk much about her personal life. 

She has distanced herself from Hollywood.

Portia loves helping others, and she is associated with any animal-related organization. 

She works for Ellen's Fund too.

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