Who Is Melanie Leis? Ex-Wife Of Kelly McGillis

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Who Is Melanie Leis? Ex-Wife Of Kelly McGillis

Melanie Leis is the ex-wife of American stage actress Kelly McGillis. Melanie is a salesperson, bartender, and theater performer. 

She was born in the year 1967. She is currently living in Boston, Massachusetts. She is an American citizen.

Married Life Of Melanie 

Melanie was previously in a relationship with Kelly McGillis, an actress

They got married to each other back in 2010. Her wife's ex-husband was also there in their marriage. 

Melanie and Kelly's marriage lasted only a year, as they divorced in 2011. 

Melanie Leis with her ex-wife, Kelly McGillis.
Melanie Leis with her ex-wife, Kelly McGillis. Source: Tuko

How Did Melanie Meet Kelly?

Melanie met Kelly in 2000 at a bar. She worked in that bar and met Kelly for the first time. 

When they first met, Melanie was attracted to Kelly, and a year after knowing each other, they started living together. 

They broke up in 2009.

But later, they decided to give it another chance to their relationship, so they got married.

Age And Net Worth 

Melanie is 55 years old. She has a net worth of $600 Thousand.

Melanie And Her Ex-Wife Broke Up Because Of Kids

Melanie and Kelly were in a relationship for a very long time and eventually got married in 2010, which lasted only for a year. 

Before their marriage, they broke up for some time in 2009, and the reason behind their separation was Kelly's children. 

Before getting into a relationship with Melanie, Kelly had already been married twice and shared two daughters with her second husband. 

While Melanie and Kelly were in a relationship, they started living together, and with them, Kelly's two daughters also lived. 

Kelly's children had no issue with their relationship. After some time, Kelly and her daughters moved to Mohnton, and Melanie and her partner started having problems. 

Although Kelly's children understood and accepted Kelly and Melanie's relationship. But Kelly's daughter's friend didn't get it because they had conservative thinking. 

Because of that, Kelly's daughters started having problems in Melanie's relationship with Kelly

Both of them started feeling changes which caused them to break their relationship.

Melanie Leis's ex-wife, Kelly McGillis.
Melanie Leis's ex-wife, Kelly McGillis. Source: Instagram

Melanie's Drugs Addiction

Melanie and her ex-wife Kelly had gone through good and bad days throughout their relationship. 

After meeting each other for the first time in a bar, living together, and getting married as lesbians, they faced many problems. 

Melanie fell for Kelly at the first meeting, and they became very close as they started to know each other. 

They both had their struggles that they were dealing with, and with their closeness, they both got involved in drugs and drinking. 

Melanie and Kelly both were addicted to drugs and drinking, and both helped each other get sober. 

Melanie's Ex-Wife Got Raped

Melanie's ex-wife Kelly is famous for her appearance in Top Gun

The actress is now living a peaceful life, but looking back at her past, she has been through a rough situation. 

Before becoming famous, she was living in New York and attending acting classes. 

That was the time when she got brutally raped by two men. Two men entered her apartment and showed her a knife. 

She was coming out of her shower when this incident happened. 

They showed her a knife and took her to her room, and those two men raped her one by one. 

They stabbed her with a knife, spit on her, and even threatened to hit her until she died. 

It was the most deadly moment of her life, and at that moment, she lost hope that she would survive. 

Luckily police arrived and took her to the hospital and caught those rapists.

Kelly Lied About Her Sexuality   

Kelly is a lesbian by her sexuality. 

She has been in Hollywood for many years, and after her appearance in Top Gun in 1986, she drew many people’s attention. 

She has been married three times; her first and second marriage was with men, whereas her third was with a woman named Melanie. 

Kelly never felt comfortable opening up about her true identity. 

Times back, there were rumors of her being lesbian, but she denied those rumors. 

She knew about her being a lesbian long ago but kept it secret because it was hard for her to come out and accept who she was. 

She struggled to accept herself and be for what she was and fought with herself. 

After a trying for long time, she finally found comfort in who she is and came out publicly in 2009 about her being lesbian.

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