Who Is Melanie Pace? Stunning Wife Of Richie Laryea

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Who Is Melanie Pace? Stunning Wife Of Richie Laryea

Melanie Pace is the beautiful wife of professional football player Richie Laryea. She was born in the month of November.

Married Life

Melanie and Richie have been dating each other since 2012. Richie was in the initial period of his career as a youth at that time. 

After dating for over a decade, the couple finally married in 2022. 

Melanie Pace with her husband, Richie Laryea.
Melanie Pace with her husband, Richie Laryea. Source: Instagram

What Is The Profession Of Melanie?

Melanie is a fashion stylist by profession. She also performs virtual styling and works as an on-air style expert.

Melanie Pace with her baby boy.
Melanie Pace with her baby boy. Source: Instagram

Children Of Melanie And Richie

Melanie and Richie are parents of a son. The name of the son is under review. He was born on 2019 February 16

Melanie Pace with her husband, Richie Laryea, and their son.
Melanie Pace with her husband, Richie Laryea, and their son. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth

The age and net worth of Melanie are under review. Instead, her husband Richie's net worth is $1.5 million

Richie signed his three and half year contract with his current club Nottingham Forest on above $900K. 

About Her Husband, Richie 

Richie was born on January 7, 1995, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

He plays for Canadian professional club Toronto FC sent on loan from Nottingham Forest, and for the Canada national team since 2019 as a right-back player and midfielder.

As a defender, he would debut for the Canada National team in FIFA World Cup 2022. 

Nottingham Forest Is His First England Club

Playing outside of his home country was amazing for Richie. It was the first time he played for an England club, Nottingham Forest

Stepping at the stadium felt like history, and everything was good with the stadium of Nottingham. 

While growing up as a kid, he dreamed of playing outside the country. 

He also met his new teammates, coach, and staff well. 

He said that a positive vibe started to be gained for him since he stepped foot in the club. 

Good Cook Besides Being A Footballer 

Richie went to Rosina's restaurant to cook pasta. He was invited by the show Bell Canada to do a challenge with Marie. 

The owner of Rosina had to judge their cooking by tasting their dish. 

Richie and Marie wear an apron with their respective names written on them. 

The chef guided them at first on how to cook pasta. After the guide, they started to cook independently. 

Finally, they finished cooking and served it to Rosina, who was the owner of the Rosina Restaurant. 

Richie lost the challenge with Marie, but the taste of his pasta was not bad, according to Richie’s own feedback. 

Richie Raised His Voice For Black People

In 2020 Richie asked how it is possible for black people to deal with such hate and disparity. 

He said that black people are tired of getting followed in the stores. 

Even while crossing the streets, others feel uncomfortable while black people pass through their way. 

They often have to be stopped by the police officers, which really feel bad for them. 

He wanted to say that not every white people and every police officers are not racist, but together, not every black people are not criminal. 

He wanted all black people to stand together and fight against facial prejudice, fight and bring real change in the world. 

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