Who Is Melinda Ledbetter? Wife Of Brian Wilson

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Who Is Melinda Ledbetter? Wife Of Brian Wilson

Melinda Ledbetter is the spouse of American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer Brian Wilson. Melinda herself is a talent manager

She was born in 1946 and has her birthday on October 3. She is an American citizen of her nationality.

Melinda Ledbetter and her husband, Brian Wilson.
Melinda Ledbetter and her husband, Brian Wilson. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Melinda

Melinda is currently married to her husband, Brian Wilson

The duo met in 1986 when Melinda was working in a car dealership

They started dating shortly after knowing each other. 

They tied the knot back in 1995 and share five children. 

Melinda adopted all five kids: three daughters named Daria, Delanie, and Dakota, and two sons named Dylan and Dash

Melinda Ledbetter with her husband.
Melinda Ledbetter with her husband. Source: Facebook

Age And Net Worth 

Melinda is 81 years old. She has a net worth of $1 Million. Her source of income is talent management

Melinda And Brian's Love Shown In Movie

Melinda and Brian have been together for many years, and the couple profoundly loves each other. 

They both have gone through so much in their life; everything they lived together has been shown in the movie Love and Mercy.

The movie was released in 2014 and is based on the story of Brian and Melinda meeting each other and Melinda pulling Brian from his dark days. 

Melinda said it took 19 years for them to find someone with vision and make the movie, which was necessary for both.

Melinda also said that the movie Love and Mercy would be necessary for people who care about love and struggles. 

Melinda Helped Her Husband

Melinda and her husband have been married for decades now. 

She met her husband Brian when she was working at car dealerships. 

Brian was astonished by Melinda’s beauty, and both of them developed feelings too fast and got married. 

Their marriage was full of ups and downs. Brian had a mental illness, and Melinda helped him cure his disease. 

She was supportive of him and was there for him every time. 

She was the one who pushed Brian to get back on the roads and focus on his career. 

However, many people took Melinda's effort as controlling. 

They thought that Melinda pushed Brian unnecessarily, knowing that he had a mental illness. 

Drugs Helped Brian Write Songs

Brian is a talented musician with a successful music industry career. 

He started making music when he was young. However, his musical journey was not easy at all. 

He fell into drug addiction, which destroyed his mental health and career. 

He took a long break from music for two times. 

In an interview, Brian himself admitted that drugs helped him become creative. 

Not only has he, but many other artists have also admitted to drugs helping them write music. 

Brian wrote his Pet Sound when he was under the influence of marijuana. 

Also, he wrote the song California Girls when he was doing LSD

Brian Was Scared With His Dad 

Brian talked about his late dad in an interview with George Tonight

He talked about the one memory of his dad, and it was him getting beaten by his dad. 

He said his dad used to get mad at him for no reason and tell him to get inside the bathroom. 

His dad then used to hit him on his buttocks hard. 

He felt bad and hurt and lived his life getting scared of his father. 

However, he does have a thing that he likes about his dad, and it is music.

His dad had created some beautiful music, and he loved the songs made by his dad. 

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