Who Is Meredith Bagans? Stunning Sister Of Zak Bagans

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Who Is Meredith Bagans? Stunning Sister Of Zak Bagans

Meredith Bagans is the elder sister of American actor, paranormal investigator, author, and museum operator Zak Bagans

She is an interior decorator. She was born in 1974 and is 49 years old

She is married to her husband, Michael Mixer. She shares two children, Morgan and Maddox, with her husband. She is an American citizen by nationality. 

Meredith Bagans with her mom and brother.
Meredith Bagans with her mom and brother. Source: Pinterest

About Meredith’s Brother Zak 

Zak is a professional paranormal investigator, actor, author, and museum operator. 

He is well known for hosting the Travel Channel series Ghost Adventures.

He was born in 1977 to his parents, Nancy June and Larry Bagans.

He has his birthday on April 5.

Meredith Bagans's mother and brother.
Meredith Bagans's mother and brother. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Zak 

Zak is not married yet; however, he does have a girlfriend. 

Zak is dating Holly Madison currently. They have known each other long but didn’t get romantically involved until 2019

In 2019, she went to Zak’s Haunted Museum, and they started dating. 

They dated for nearly two years and, after that, got separated. They remained separated for almost two years and then decided to give their relationship a second chance, so they returned together.

Age And Net Worth 

Zak is 46 years old. He has a net worth of $30 Million. His sources of income are acting investigation and museum operations. 

Zak Ruined Other People’s Career 

Zak is known for his show Ghost Adventures and has been investigating paranormal activities for a long time.

However, there have been rumors of him mistreating his team members recently. With the ongoing rumors, one of the well-known TV personalities, Nick Groof, who is also involved in paranormal activities, shared that Zak blocked him from networking. 

He had worked closely with Zak for a long time and claimed that Zak didn’t treat his team well. 

After Nick exposed Zak, another TV personality, Bill Hartley, host of Ghost of Shepherdstown, came up with his truth and told that Zak ruined his career by getting the show canceled and getting them blocked from the channel. 

Zak’s Dead Father Visited Him

Zak has been doing investigation on paranormal activities for 15 years now. 

Although it has been so many years, he is still shocked to find himself sane after everything he has been through. 

He also revealed about his dead father visiting him in his dream. He lost his father not a long time ago, but after his dad’s demise, he started having his dad's dream continuously. 

Every time in the dream, his dad told him to message his stepmom about the spare key. 

His dad tells Zak that the spare key to their house is in the toolbox and gives that message to his stepmom. 

He didn’t know what that dream meant, but when he told his stepmom about the key being in the box, his stepmom started crying and said she was looking for it everywhere.

Zak Wanted To See Dolls Fighting

In an interview with the ET, Zak opened up that season 10, episode four of Ghost Adventures' “ Island Of Dolls” was a nightmare for him. 

He went to the Island of Dolls with one of the most haunted dolls, Harold, to see if the dolls started to fight. 

He went there and kept Harold with the other dolls on the island. 

He kept Harold with the shrine doll of the boy who created the doll Island and waited to see them fighting. 

However, he didn’t get to see the dolls fighting, but he did notice the change in temperature in their thermal camera. 

The heat was rising under the Harold, which was strange and spooky. 

Spirit Grabbed Zak’s Ass

Zak talked about physical interaction with a spirit in an interview with ET. 

A clip from Ghost Adventures season 4 episode 1 titled Gettysburg was shown where Zak was seen running and feared. 

He was sitting on the mannequin, which resembled a lady who died there, and suddenly, he stood up and ran far from it. 

Zak opened up that it was his instant reaction as he felt someone grabbing his butt cheeks. It looked funny in the clip, but at that moment, Zak got terrified. 

Someone grabbed his butt cheeks hard, and it was one of the scariest physical interactions with spirit.

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