Who Is Mia Southgate? Cute Daughter Of Gareth Southgate

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 Who Is Mia Southgate? Cute Daughter Of Gareth Southgate

Mia Southgate is the daughter of Gareth Southgate, who is a former football player and has been the manager of the national team of England since 2016. 

She is currently pursuing her studies at the University of Edinburgh. She had a younger brother named Flynn. 

Mia Southgate with her brother Flynn Southgate
Mia Southgate with her brother Flynn Southgate. Source: Instagram

Gareth's Love Story Began In Tesco Car Park

Gareth met his wife Alison Southgate more than two decades back. She used to work in a shop. 

Gareth was all ready to lead England into their first major final. 

Gareth later admitted that he used to stand and wait around on purpose outside the place she used to work at that time. 

He wanted to talk to her, but there was a major obstacle. She was in a relationship with someone else. 

Fortunately, things didn’t last longer between Alison and her ex-boyfriend, and they broke up. 

Gareth grabbed that opportunity and asked for her number. They began talking, and he asked her out. 

They went on secret dates in the Tesco car park. Gareth was a public figure, so they had to date secretly for a while. 

But later, they made their relationship official. 

In 1997, Gareth had to take the biggest decision, which was either to let Alison move in with him or go separate ways. 

Gareth decided to marry Alison in 1997, and they have been inseparable ever since. 

Mia Southgate's parents Gareth Southgate and Alison Southgate
Mia Southgate's parents Gareth Southgate and Alison Southgate. Source: Instagram


Gareth is 52 years old. He is 1.83 m tall. He weighs around 80 kg.

Net Worth

Gareth's net worth is estimated to be 12 million pound. 

He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a professional footballer and managerial career. 

Mia Southgate with her father Gareth Southgate
Mia Southgate with her father Gareth Southgate. Source: Instagram

Gareth Talked About World Cup Preparation

Gareth said that the players have been showing their performances incredibly and are collectively working as a team. 

He said that they have taken the responsibility and pressure of playing in the World Cup very seriously. 

He mentioned that the pressure is coming near, and he added that the players are ready to face it. 

He said he had talked with the players about how to react when opponents score a goal. 

He added that players will show characters and quality in their games. 

He also revealed that players wanted a meeting on their own without any presence of staff. 

He said he had a great conversation with the players individually. 

Gareth Discussed His Job As Manager

Gareth said that he was always has been influenced by many key figures in his life.

He added he was influenced by his parents and the coaches he worked with during his playing career. 

But when he got older, be began looking up to other coaches and leaders. 

He said that his way of managing a team is different from others.

He revealed that he became a coach overnight when he ended his playing career. It was a sudden change in dynamics for him. 

He said that all of a sudden, he was the one who was deciding about others which might affect their life. 

He was fascinated by how things changed when he took his job as manager. 

He revealed that even though he has worked with his staff for many years, they still don’t open up about their opinions. 

He said that he has to push them to speak and put their opinion forward. 

Gareth's Challenging Phase 

Gareth discussed one of the challenging phases of his life. 

He said that when England missed a penalty at Euro 96 for him, it was the most challenging experience he has even been through professionally. 

He said that it was one of the biggest games for England after so many years, and the whole country was rooting for them, and to be not able to live up to their expectation was his biggest suffering. 

He said he still feels regret and remorse. He said it was hard for him to take that professionally. 

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