Who Is Miah Harbaugh? Ex-Wife Of Jim Harbaugh

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Who Is Miah Harbaugh? Ex-Wife Of Jim Harbaugh

Miah Harbaugh is the ex-wife of Jim Harbaugh, who is an American football coach. They have three children, Grace, James, and Jay, together.

Marriage And Divorce

Miah met her then-spouse Jim in the 1990s when Jim was an NFL quarterback, and they got married in 1996

Miah has supported Jim in the early days of his career. 

Throughout their 10-year marriage, Miah supported him during his football career, attending games and being a solid foundation for their family. 

They divorced in 2006, and Miah got custody of their children and most of Jim’s property. 

After the divorce, she chose to live with their children in Coronado, California. Jim remarried in 2008 to Sarah

Miah Harbaugh with her ex-husband, Jim Harbaugh.
Miah Harbaugh with her ex-husband, Jim Harbaugh. Source: Pinterest


Miah is 51 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

As a football coach, Miah's ex-husband Jim's net worth is about $35 million.

Children of Miah Harbaugh.
Children of Miah Harbaugh. Source: Instagram

Jim Is Suspended From Three Games

Jim is the head coach of Michigan Wolverines Football.  

Michigan is Facing Ohio State in a crucial college football game with both teams undefeated and vying for a spot in the Big Ten Championship Game and possibly the College Football Playoff

However, Michigan head coach Jim won’t be with the team as he is serving a three-game suspension due to allegations of a sign-stealing operation run by a former analyst. 

The allegation is that he is deciphering play call signals for opponents, but there is no proof he was involved. 

The NCAA is looking into it. Michigan and the Big Ten agreed on the suspension. 

In the critical game against Ohio State, offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore is in charge because Jum can’t be there. 

Jim Harbaugh with her current wife.
Jim Harbaugh with her current wife.  Source: Instagram

Jim Celebrated The Undefeated Season And Team Success

Jim is praised for leading the team to a 12-0 overall record and winning the Big Ten Championship

He expresses excitement and pride for the team’s recent success, giving recognition to standout player Sharon Moore and all the coaches and players. 

During a Q&A session, Jim addresses questions about injured player Will Johnson, his day during and after the game, and the importance of defense and special teams in winning. 

He also highlights the contribution of tight end AJ Barner to the team's success this season.  

Jim shared emotions about a player’s injury and visits to the hospital and reflected on the impact on the team. 

He praises quarterback JJ McCarthy’s performance, calling him an incredible and fearless player and acknowledging his leadership role. 

Jim's Emotions And Challenges On The Road To Big Ten Championship

Jim shared his emotions about being with his team for the rest of the season and their chances of winning the Big Ten Championship

He talked about a crucial interception that dealt the game against Ohio State and answered questions about his team’s offense, highlighting their creative plays and efficient execution on fourth down calls. 

Jim also discusses the challenges of preparing for a team like Lowa, which plays a different style of football. 

Jim also values the importance of earning everything in the game and preparing physically and mentally. 

He talked about the versatility of player Colston Loveland and how he can open up opportunities to play callers. 

Jim reflects on Loveland’s recruitment process, acknowledging that it took time to understand the extent of his talent. 

The coach also emphasizes the team’s focus on being selfless and playing for each other to achieve a third consecutive outright Big Ten Title. 

After the win against Ohio State, Jim praised the team’s clean and precise football performance, with offense, defense, and special teams playing well. 

He expresses excitement about the team’s exceptional performance and notes their discipline and precise execution of plays. 

When asked about player compensation, Jim mentioned his donation to the athletic department and  support for fair player payment.

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