Who Is Michael Breslin? Father Of Abigail Breslin

by Manisha Sun Nov 05 2023 Updated On Tue Nov 21 2023
Who Is Michael Breslin? Father Of Abigail Breslin

Michael Breslin was the father of actress Abigail Breslin. He died at the age of 78 due to Covid

He worked as a telecommunication expert, consultant, and computer programmer. 

His wife is Kim Breslin. Michael and his wife had three kids from their union. 

Michael Breslin with his wife.
Michael Breslin with his wife. Source: Instagram

Is Abigail Married?

Abigail is married to Ira Kunyansky. They started dating each other in 2017

They got engaged in 2022. In her Instagram post, Abigail revealed that she tied the knot with her longtime partner, Ira, on January 28, 2023.

Abigail Breslin with her husband.
Abigail Breslin with her husband. Source: Instagram


His daughter Abigail is 27 years old

Net Worth

His daughter Abigail's net worth is estimated to be $8 million

Abigail Is Sued By Dream Team Studios And WM Holdings

Abigail will be part of the upcoming action thriller movie called Classified

She is playing the daughter of Aaron Eckhart, who is a CIA hitman in the movie. 

Abigail alleged that she was scared to be alone on set because of Aaron's aggressive, demeaning and aggressive behavior towards her. 

Because of that allegation, the movie suffered a loss of $80,000, so the production is suing her for breaching the contract and stating that the allegations are all false. 

Abigail sent a letter to SAG-AFTRA and told them about her fears about Aaron's behavior. 

Michael Breslin's daughter, Abigail Breslin.
Michael Breslin's daughter, Abigail Breslin. Source: Instagram

Abigail Shared Her Experience Of Working With Arnold Schwarzenegger

Abigail worked with Arnold in a horror drama film called Maggie in 2015

She said she was excited to work with him as he was already an action icon and legendary actor. 

She shared that when she met him, he was very humble and sweet. She was little intimidated by his presence. 

She said they had a big scene to shoot together, and she had to put on her zombie makeup that day. 

She shared that on the first day working with Arnold, she talked about a guy who unfriended her on Facebook, her makeup artist, and a good friend. 

She was complaining about that guy, and her friend tried to stop her and asked her why he was taking that guy's side. Her makeup artist told her to turn around, and Arnold was behind her. 

She greeted him and said sorry to him. He asked who the guy was. 

Abigail Was Frustrated With Her Turtle

Abigail have had a turtle since 2009. She said when she brought the turtle, he was very active initially. 

She said her turtle was supposed to last 50 years. But as he aged, he started being inactive. 

She said she thought that her turtle was not eating anything and was sticking his head out. 

She told herself that her turtle was going to be like that only. 

One day, when she got back to her home after shooting, her dad was standing. 

She thought her father was there to meet her, but he was there to talk about the turtle. 

Her father told her that her turtle was not doing well and was dying. 

She said her father was furious at her as she was not paying attention to him and was giving up on him. 

She shared that after that, her turtle peeped out his head. 

She thought she had to change his diet, so she tried other stuff to feed him well. 

Abigail Had A Crush On Zac Effron

Abigail revealed that she was obsessed with Zac Effron. They were in the same movie but never worked together. 

She said she met him while she was coming out of the gym. She added she did not look cute at all. 

Zac called him, and she froze there for a second and ran back to the bathroom. And she was in the bathroom for 25 minutes

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