Who Is Michael Cardwell? Ex-Husband Of Anna Cardwell

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Who Is Michael Cardwell? Ex-Husband Of Anna Cardwell

Michael Cardwell is an ex-husband of Internet personality Anna Cardwell. They married in 2014 but parted ways in 2017 after being married for only three years. 

They share a daughter. 

Michael Cardwell's daughter.
Michael Cardwell's daughter. Source: Instagram

Ex-Wife Anna Died At The Age Of 29

Anna's mother announced the death of her daughter in an Instagram Post

Anna was diagnosed with stage 4 adrenal carcinoma in January 2023

She wrote Anna was no longer in this world and said she passed away in her house at night peacefully. 

Anna was dealing with cancer, and her mother shared she fought a fight for ten months

Anna's sister Alana also wrote heartbreaking things for her sister. 

She said her sister was in a lot of pain, and now she is at peace. 

She added during her final moment, she was surrounded by her family and loved ones.

Michael Cardwell's wife, Anna Cardwell.
Michael Cardwell's wife, Anna Cardwell. Source: Instagram


His ex-wife, Anna, was 29 years old at the time of her death. She was 5 feet 7 inches tall. She weighed around 57 kg.

Net worth

Anna's net worth was estimated to be $1 million

She managed to earn this fortune from her career as a TV personality. 

Anna Married Her Boyfriend After She Was Diagnosed With Cancer

Anna has been dating Eldridge Toney since 2019

Anna was diagnosed with cancer in January 2023, and she got married to her boyfriend two months after the diagnosis. 

Anna's mother shared that her daughter had gone through the first round of chemotherapy, and two months later, she revealed that her condition was terminal. 

Anna Cardwell with her husband.
Anna Cardwell with her husband. Source: Instagram

Anna's Family Gave Health Update After Her Cancer Diagnosis

Mama June and her kids gave health updates about Anna's condition. 

They said she was under treatment. They shared she was able to take care of her kids. 

They added she had no eyebrows and hair. 

Her mother said Anna had four chemo treatments, and she would not have any chemo treatment after that. 

They said they thought that it was going to make her more sick, but she was only tired during the treatment, and apart from that, she was doing well. 

They said they didn't know about her prognosis. They shared she was able to go to Walmart all by herself. 

They shared that her older daughter was aware of her condition, but she didn’t fully understand at that time. 

They said her daughter knew that her mother was sick and wouldn’t be there for her for a while, and her younger daughter was too young to understand her mother's health. 

The family said a rollercoaster of emotion was going on when they were witnessing what Anna was going through. 

They said they hoped and wished she would live 5 to 10 years. 

Her sisters said it would be crazy to imagine their life without Anna

They said people saw that Anna was living her best life through the show, but she was going through a lot behind the doors. 

They added they would let Anna share her cancer battle story once she was ready.

Anna's Last Wish Before She Passed Away

Anna's sister Alana Honey Boo Boo shared a video in TikTok where she talked about her sister's final moment and paid tribute to her late sister. 

She shared that Anna wanted to have steak one last time, so they went to the store and got her steak. 

They cooked steak for her but later decided to give it to her as they didn’t want to make a mistake as they knew it was not the time. 

Alana said she wished her sister was there to see her graduate from college, but she added it was okay as she would be watching over her. 

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