Who Is Michael David Gershenson? Husband Of Kate Bolduan

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Who Is Michael David Gershenson? Husband Of Kate Bolduan

Michael David Gershenson is a celebrity husband. He came to prominence after getting married to Kate Bolduan.

He is a businessman and real estate agent working for The Carlyle Group. He is an American citizen by his nationality.

Marriage And Children

Michael tied the knot with Kate back in 2010. They started dating back in 2005 and have been together since then. 

They are parents to two beautiful daughters named Cecelia and Delphine. The couple is living a happy life with their daughters.

Family of Michael David Gershenson.
Family of Michael David Gershenson. Source: Instagram

About Michael’s Wife Kate 

Kate is a professional journalist and news anchor. She is currently working as a news anchor for CNN. 

Kate was born to her parents, Nadine and Jeffrey Bolduan, in 1983. She grew up with her two sisters in Indianapolis.

Michael David Gershenson and his wife, Kate Bolduan.
Michael David Gershenson and his wife, Kate Bolduan. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth

Kate is 40 years old. She has a net worth of $3 Million. Her source of income is journalism.

Kate Would Love To Go Back To Mid West

Kate was interviewed on CNN about how much she wished to return to the Midwest. 

She was born and grew up in the Midwest, which makes her a Midwestern girl. 

She was from Indianapolis, and growing up, she didn’t like being in the Midwest. 

She wanted to get out of there, so she went to college out of the Midwest. 

She then came to New York for her job, and when she finally left the place she didn’t like, she started missing it. 

She realized that her being a Midwestern defined her, and everything that she used to find boring about Midwestern started to feel exciting and vital. 

She wishes to return and meet her family and would love to live there again.

Kate Got Emotional On The Show

Kate has been an anchor of CNN news for many years now. During her time on CNN, she got the chance to meet Anthony Bourdain, a well-known chef. 

He was on the CNN set many times, and Kate got to interview him. 

Anthony was full of life, and he was very open about his struggles with drugs and life. 

He was a great human being, and because of his nature, Kate bonded with him. 

Sadly, he passed away in 2018 at the age of 61, and Kate honored him on her show. 

She was emotional talking about him and remembered the time when he used to come on the CNN set. 

Anthony so inspired Kate that she remembered telling him she wanted to return as Anthony in her next life. 

Kate even cried and said that she was having a hard time going through his death.

Kate’s Mom Nearly Killed A Man

Back in 2012, Kate’s mom, Nadine, was sent to jail for nearly killing a man and drunk driving. 

Her mom, Nadine, was driving in Indianapolis when she crashed her car into a man, which nearly cost him his life. 

It was found that Nadine was drunk driving, and the victim had suffered lots of injuries following that accident. 

The victim’s name was Paul, and because of that accident, he got a brain bleed and broke his arm and legs. 

The accident caused him lots of pain, and he also lost his job. Nadine was proven guilty, so as punishment, she had to spend one year in jail. 

Also, her driving license was suspended for five years. Nadine was very sorry for the damage she had caused the man because of her reckless driving.

Kate’s Concerned About Her Looks

Kate spends most of her time on the camera as an anchor of the new channel. 

She has to do heavy makeup and is always focused on looking good. 

She opened up that she likes her hair wholly straight, and if she sees just a little bit of it getting curled, she would immediately ask a hair stylist to fix it.

Also, she is very concerned about her outfit and does all the shopping for her clothes independently. 

She finds it very hard to find a suitable dress to wear on camera because she doesn’t have much fashion sense. 

She knows many things about news and TV but is the opposite regarding wearing dresses and fashion.

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