Who Is Michael Jamar Ford? Ex-Husband Of Keke Wyatt

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Who Is Michael Jamar Ford? Ex-Husband Of Keke Wyatt

Michael Jamar Ford is an African-American ordained minister mainly recognized as an ex-husband of American singer-songwriter Keke Wyatt. 

Ford was part of the reality show R&B Divas.

Michael Jamar Ford and his ex-wife, Keke Wyatt.
Michael Jamar Ford and his ex-wife, Keke Wyatt. Source: Pinterest

Ford Didn’t Know Who Wyatt Was When He First Met Her 

Ford and Wyatt first met at a club. They were dancing at the club when he laid his eyes on her and was utterly smitten by her charm. 

But he didn’t know who she was at the time. Wyatt, at the time, was with her mother. 

Ford somehow managed to ask for her number, but the only way he could get her number was by remembering the hand signal she was giving as her mother was dragging her out of the club.

Ford said that he didn’t call or text her the first night, but when he did the next day, Wyatt didn’t respond.  

He thought he got the wrong number and he will never get to see her again. Later in the day, she finally responded. 

When they started talking, Wyatt asked if he knew who Keke Wyatt was, to which he said no.  

He asked her who Keke was, and she said to Google, to which he wondered why he would learn who she was from the internet, he would know who she was from her. 

When Wyatt finally said she was the one who sang My First Love and Nothing in this World, he was shocked.

Married For Eight Years

Ford and Wyatt married in 2010. It was Wyatt’s second marriage. 

She was previously married to her road manager, Rahmat Morton when she was just 18 years old.

They were married for nine years, but her marriage to him was filled with domestic acts of violence that reached an extent when she stabbed him out of self-defense. 

In an interview, she said she had no choice because he was choking her over her kitchen sink.

Age And Net Worth 

His ex-wife, Keke is 41 years old. His ex-wife has a net worth of $2 million.

He Is The Father Of Five Kids

Ford is the father of five kids. He has a daughter, Mickayla, from his previous relationship.  

He shares other four kids with his ex-wife Wyatt. Their sons, Ke’Mar Van Ford and Wyatt Michael, were born in 2010 and 2012, respectively. 

They welcomed their daughter Ke’Yoshi Bella in March 2015 and their youngest son Kendall Miguel Ford in October 2017.

Did He Leave Wyatt While She Was Eight Months Pregnant?

Wyatt, during an interview, claimed that Ford left her when she was having a rough time. 

She said he left her when their son was sick and was nine months pregnant with her ninth child together. 

She claimed that she left her for another woman, calling her an emotional wreck and constantly asking for divorce. 

During the same interview, she also talked about her third husband, her childhood ex-boyfriend Zackariah Darring, whom she married following her divorce with Ford. 

She said Darring was the one who held her hand when she was dealing with so much without expecting anything in return. 

She proudly said that her now husband would never tell her he is tired of dealing with her, her pregnancy, and her son’s cancer battle.

However, Ford said that her claims were false. 

In an interview with TMZ, he said she was trying to use her platform to uplift herself and play the victim role, which, according to him, is wrong. It’s all a lie, he added.

He further claimed that the divorce didn’t get filed until February 2018 and that he only left after their son, who was battling cancer, was medically declared cancer-free.

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