Who Is Michael Keane's Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

by Pragya Sat Aug 06 2022 Updated On Sat Sep 10 2022
Who Is Michael Keane's Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

Michael Keane is an English professional football player.

He currently plays for the football club Everton in the center-back position. He was born in Stockport, UK.

He has a twin brother named Will. He is an English citizen.

Family of Michael Keane.
Family of Michael Keane. Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

Michael does not have a girlfriend.

Michael Keane during the match.
Michael Keane during the match. Source: Instagram


Michael is 29 years old. His height is 1.91 m. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Michael is 21.9 million euros. 

Michael Accidentally Shaved His Hair

Michael was in Manchester United when he accidentally cut his hair. 

In a Sky Sports Premier League interview with Jesse Lingard, he revealed that he was firmly trying to cut his hair through a cutting machine. 

But rather than trying out the machine to the side, he directly cut his hair in the middle. 

The machine was set to zero, and he instantly became bald. 

It would look too weird just to cut hair in a single strip, so he decided to go bald. 

It was not his wish to cut his entire hair, but it was a total accident. 

Due to this, his friends in Manchester United used to tease him to take the name of a bald actor.

Michael And Jesse Were Always Playing Together

Michael and Jesse have been friends since their childhood. 

Not only them but many from their academy were great friends. They played together from the age of 10.

They have known each other for quite a long time and trained together. 

They were even together at Manchester United. 

But ultimately, the main dream of any footballer is to play for their national team.

They also shared a similar dream as any normal footballer.

They wanted to play for the English senior football team. 

They not only got to play for the English team, but all their childhood teammates and friends they had trained with and known for ages were also playing beside them, which was truly amazing, according to Michael.

His Lockdown Time

Like everyone in the world, English defender Michael was also in the lock-down scenario.

Fortunately for Michael, he was not staying still and bored. 

He had a dog with him, which kept him busy and fun. He stayed in his Manchester house with his dog and brother. 

He revealed that they were allowed to go out just once a day, so he took his dog out at that time only. 

He also revealed that he turned his garage into a small gym to stay fit. 

He regularly worked out to stay fit and healthy. 

He also expressed that he was planning to make his small gym more equipped and better to do better exercise.

Michael Was Training In Pandemic

Michael was inside his house in Manchester and couldn’t go outside because of the pandemic.

But it didn’t stop him from training. 

His team discussed that players need to be fit even in difficult times, so the club arranged a regular online session with the fitness and strength coach of the team to keep an eye on every player, including Michael

Players were allowed to do anything, but the coach always observed their fitness. 

Michael revealed that they were training based on different activities and were constantly being guided and looked after by the coach. 

It helped the team to stay fit and dedicated even during the time of lock-down.

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