Who Is Michael Levonchuck? Father Of Amber Rose

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Who Is Michael Levonchuck? Father Of Amber Rose

Michael Levonhuck is the father of model, rapper, and TV personality Amber Rose. He is of Irish Italian descent

He married Dorothy Rose, and his wife came from a Cape Verdean-Scottish background. 

He and his wife are no longer together, as they divorced when Amber was young. 

Michael Levonhuck with his ex-partner and daughter.
Michael Levonhuck with his ex-partner and daughter. Source: Twitter

Amber Is A Mother Of Two

Amber has a son named Sebastian Taylor Thomaz from her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa

She and Wiz got engaged in 2012, and they tied the knot in 2013, and their son was born in the same year. 

The two parted their ways in 2016

She shares a four-year-old son, Slash Electric Alexander Edwards, with rapper Alexander Edwards. 

She dated Alexander for three years

Michael Levonhuck's daughter, Amber Rose.
Michael Levonhuck's daughter, Amber Rose. Source: Instagram

Amber Has Reconciled With Blac Chyna

Amber revealed that she was not close with Blac for a long time. 

She revealed there were times when she had cried for Chyna as he was like a sister to her. 

She said both wanted to get their lives together so they could get back to each other. 

She said she was happy she was finally with her after falling out. 

However, Amber didn’t reveal why they kept them separated. 

She said they have reconnected as they have started a new chapter in their lives. 

She added she missed her a lot, and he was happy she was back in her life. She said she had her sister back. 


Amber is 40 years old. She is 5 feet 9 inches tall. She weighs around 68 kg.

Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be $12 million

She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as a model and TV personality. 

Amber Is Happy To Be Single

In an interview, Amber said she was satisfied being single as she doesn't have to deal with people who stress her out, and she feels free. 

She added she was fed up with men and relationships. 

She said she has time for herself, manages her schedule, hangs out with the person she wants, and goes to the movies with whom she wants. 

She said she enjoys that, as no one is holding her back from doing those things. 

She said she does not care what people think about her being single. 

She said when her exes had mistreated her, she left them immediately as she knew what was good for her. 

She said there are many good guys, and her ex-husband is one of them. 

She shared that she was talking to some guy who was very nice to her, and she wanted to see where things would go. 

She said she has loved people who never loved her back like she did. 

She said she has never cheated in a relationship; all her exes know that well.

Amber Talked About Her Kids

Amber has two sons from her previous partner. She said she called her son Pumpkin. 

She said she tells her sons they are beautiful the way they are. 

She called them handsome daily and complimented them about their skin, hair, and lips. 

She said she told him how perfect and excellent they both were. 

She said no matter how the outer influence is, she manages to balance things like that at home. 

She said her older son is brilliant and far from his age. She said he cracks jokes. 

She said she taught him that he cannot tell any women about what to do with their bodies.

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