Who Is Michael Mando's Girlfriend? How Is His Net Worth?

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Who Is Michael Mando's Girlfriend? How Is His Net Worth?

Michael Mando is a Canadian actor.

He is well known for his character as Nacho Varga in Better Call Saul. 

He belongs to Mexican descent. He was born in 1981 in Quebec City. He is a Canadian citizen

Mother of Michael Mando.
Mother of Michael Mando. Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

Looking on Michael's Instagram, he has posted several photos of himself with a lady with romantic captions. 

So she might be Michael’s girlfriend. Her name is not revealed.

Michael Mando posing for photo.
Michael Mando posing for a photo. Source: Instagram


Michael is 40 years old. His height is 1.67 m.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Michael is $2.5 Million. His source of income is acting.

Late Father of Michael Mando.
Late Father of Michael Mando. Source: Instagram

Chocolates For Relaxing 

In the interview with Seth, Michael talked about her role in the show Breaking Bad. 

Before getting a role in the new season of Breaking Bad, he had never seen it. 

He said that fate ended up giving him that role in Breaking Bad. 

He opened up about his difficulties and struggles during the character play. 

He had to do lot of face acting, and it was a complete roller-coast ride for him and was not easy for him, but what kept him on his track was chocolates and ice cream. 

He ate lots of chocolates and ice cream to make himself feel relaxed. Not only that, but he also had cried many times while he was taking a shower.

Scared Of Snakes

Michael is a great actor, and he is known for his appearance in Better Call Saul.

Growing up, Michael had a weird upbringing as he was born in Quebec but raised in Africa.

Not only that, but he also got away from American pop culture. He didn’t have a TV to watch. 

He was fond of music but only got to listen to Micheal Jackson and Prince. He only knew three actors. 

Michael said that he learned English just by watching movies. 

He then went to shoot in Mexico, and Mexico has a lot of snakes. 

As he has a fear of snakes, he got terrified, and the only thing that scared him was what he would do if he had to shoot outdoors with snakes.

Michael Enjoyed Going Underneath 

Michael has posted a video of him going underneath a substance that seemed like oil on his Instagram. 

He talked about that in one of the interviews and said that the liquid was made vegetable-based and edible milkshake. 

He performed that scene for the final season of Better Call Saul. 

He enjoyed going underneath, and that was one of the great experiences for him. 

He had to retake that two times, and it was not easy. 

He went under that for the first time and later came out, cleaned himself, did his makeup, and again went back and shot for a second time. 

Michael said that he loved doing and performing everything by himself. 

He loves acting and can do that scene many times without getting tired.

Changed His Career Plan

Michael had no plan to be an actor in his initial days. 

Moreover, he was inclined toward writing and the athletic field. He wanted to pursue one of that careers.

But little did he know, he went through a knee injury suffered and crushed his dreams. 

But with one way closed, he found drama and arts as another way out. He then leaned towards dramas. 

He hence went to many production programs in Dome Production Program. 

Fortunately, despite having no training, he got a lead role in five production programs. 

This was when his journey as an actor started. 

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