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Micheal McClard is the father of one of the famous and richest film directors and actor Sebastian Bear McClard.

He is an artist in my profession. He is married to Liza Bear, who is a filmmaker and a writer. 

Sebastian is the only child of Micheal and Liza.

Micheal McClard Developed an Extraordinary App

Micheal was doing great in his career. He even did his first one-person show for his painting and arts in October 1981. 

His work was appreciated, and people even bought his work. He was given National Endowment for Arts Award for his works. 

He was rising in his career, but he decided to take a temporary gap with his art career. 

During this time, he worked with his brother Peter McClard. He was an expert in paintings and art, so he and his brother developed their app using his talent. 

This app takes people's DNA characters and matching the character. The app draws unlimited possible faces of the person.   

Sebastian Bear Didn't Pay Rent and Stayed Illegally

Sebastian was staying in a loft space in a building. His contract had been expired in 2017, and he was even feeling challenging to pay rent. 

The loft space was supposed to be rented to only struggling artists and low-status people. 

Sebastian didn't fit in any category described on Loft Law. He was accused of being staying illegally. 

His wife, Emily Ratajkowski, later defended him by saying he is not that economically better as he seems to be and said that he was also working on his directing career to be a hit. 

Son's Married Life

Sebastian is married to a famous model and actress, Emily Ratajkowski. They were married in 2018, just after some months of dating. 

Sabastian proposed to Emily with a ring made out of paper clip as he lacked financially. 

Emily first thought that she would refuse him because of the ring, but later she felt that it was quite romantic and hence she accepted the proposal. 

Their marriage was a surprise for everyone because they were friends a year ago and didn't even reveal their relationship anywhere. 

After about two and half years of their marriage, they gave birth to Sebastian Apollo Bear on March 8, 2021

They only revealed their child's birth after four days of his birth.   

Sebastian Bear with his wife, Emily
Sebastian Bear with his wife, Emily  Source: Instagram

Net Worth

His net worth is not revealed. However, his son's net worth is about  $ 96 Million

His source of income is film producer, director, and actor.

Age, Height, and Weight

His son Sebastian is currently 40 years old. Micheal is an American citizen.

About Sebastian Bear McClard

Sebastian was born on January 21, 1981, in the United States of America

He is the son of famous filmmaker and writer Liza Bear and a famous artist and painter Micheal McCard. 

Being the son of a filmmaker, he had an interest in movies and acting. 

He debuted a film named Force of Circumference as a little boy. He then debuted as a producer in the film named Still Life in 2006

He has produced a lot of movies. He is most appreciated for movies like Uncut Gems, Good Time, and Broken Flowers, released in 2019, 2017, and 2005

He was a friend of Emily Ratajkowski for a long time until they married each other in 2018 and gave birth to their first child in 2021.


Sebastian Bear McClard
Sebastian Bear McClard  Source: Instagram

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