Who Is Michael Robinson Summers? Father Of Janelle Monae

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Who Is Michael Robinson Summers? Father Of Janelle Monae

Michael Robinson Summers is the father of American singer, rapper, and actress Janelle Monae. Michael was a trashman. 

Married Life Of Michael

Michael was married to Janet, who used to work as a janitor and hotel maid. 

They shared a daughter named Janelle. Michael and Janet got separated when their daughter was little; after that, Michael's wife Janet moved on in her life. 

She again got married to a postal worker. 

Michael Robinson Summers's daughter Janelle Monae and ex-wife.
Michael Robinson Summers's daughter Janelle Monae and ex-wife. Source: Facebook

Who Is Michael's Daughter Janelle?

Janelle Monae is a singer, rapper, and actress. Janelle became prominent after she role-played in Moonlight and Hidden Figures as Mary Jackson

She was born in the year 1985 in Kansas City. Her mom and stepdad raised Janelle. 

She has a half-sister named Kimmy from her mother's second marriage. 

Michael Robinson Summers's daughter Janelle Monae.
Michael Robinson Summers's daughter Janelle Monae. Source: Instagram

Love Life Of Janelle 

Janelle is non-binary in her sexuality. She was not clear about her sexuality for a long time and had identified herself as bisexual and pansexual before coming out as non-binary in 2020

In 2013, she opened up that she likes getting attention from both men and women. 

Janelle has dated both men and women in her life. Back in 2015, she and Tessa Thompson developed a close relationship with each other. 

Everything started when Tessa showed herself in Janelle's one music video, and after that, they started appearing together at events and were also seen going on vacation together. 

They often come live together on Instagram, and seeing their closeness; there were rumors of them dating. 

Years later, Tessa talked about their relationship and said that they love each other and she doesn't care what people think about their closeness. 

By 2019, Tessa and Janelle had stopped showing up together. 

As of 2023, it's unknown whether Janella is dating anyone. 

Age And Net Worth 

His daughter Janelle is 37 years old. She has a net worth of $12 Million

Jenelle Was Taught To Be Better 

Jenelle didn’t have the fortune of richness in his childhood as she belonged to a working-class family.  

She always saw her parents getting ready for work and working their best for the family saw and her. 

She was hence always taught to make decisions so that she could be better than her parents in many ways. 

She revealed that she had to work as a waitress or maid to earn money for her college. 

She also expressed that her parents never forced her to improve her education. 

All her parents gave her was to make her life better than their own. 

Jenelle revealed that her parents also taught her to value the community she belongs to because they are the ones to stand beside her in her hard times. 

So, wherever she goes, she really values and respects her community, and as a result, she gets all the love back. 

Jenelle Went Topless

Jenelle gave an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she talked about her birthday celebration in Mexico

She revealed that her friends surprise her every year on her birthday by taking her on different trips without saying her destination. 

She revealed that they had a theme planned for the whole trip. On the first day, the music was aliens or space. 

So, she dressed up like a sexy alien. And in the second day, they had the theme of wearing lingerie at the oddly fun tea party. 

They also had the theme of solving the murder mystery, which she was fascinated about. 

And in the fourth day, they had the theme of matching with the wine. 

Everyone wore matching dresses with the wine, while Janelle went topless. She wanted to feel free, and it was her birthday. So, she didn’t care much about it. 

Jenelle Had Anxiety

Jenelle gave an interview on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” where she talked about how awkward it was for her to return to everyday socialized life after the pandemic and covid scenario. 

She revealed that she felt anxiety because she had to meet people again. 

She felt like people were staring at her in the meetings and shooting; she was very nervous because of the long break from the human network. 

She also revealed that she took time to get back to everyday life but prefers the life she was having on lockdown. 

She expressed that meeting online was fun as she didn’t have to dress entirely just for the meeting. 

Also, she can mute whenever she wants and turn off her video online, making it more comfortable for her.

Jenelle Did The Movies For The Community

Jenelle was invited to the Ellen Show, where she talked about her movie and how necessary it was for her to play those movies. 

She did movies named Moonlight and Hidden figures. She did a brilliant job in both films and was nominated for the Grammy Awards.

She revealed that she did the movie without knowing the film's whole plot. 

She only knew the script and needed to do the movie for her community and humanity. 

The movie showed the role of black and white women in the historical moment of her country. 

She revealed that the first astronaut would not have gone to space without women. 

She thought the movie was fiction based at first, but after she realized it was an actual event, she was more than proud. 

She said that women were human calculators at that time as people didn’t have massive computers and machines to do the work. 

Women made very mathematical decisions at that time, which is why history was made. 

Hence, she needed to play the movie for the community and humanity. 

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