Who Is Michael Scales? Father Of Malik Monk

by Manisha Tue Apr 18 2023 Updated On Wed Apr 19 2023

Michael Scales is the father of professional basketball player Malik Monk, who plays for the Sacramento Kings of the NBA

He was married to Jacaylene Monk, but later they got separated. They share two children. 

His oldest son Marcus Monk is a retired football wide receiver and basketball player

His ex-wife moved to Bentonville with their son. He used to work as a carpenter

Michael Scales's ex-wife and their two sons.
Michael Scales's ex-wife and their two sons. Source: Facebook

Is Malik Dating Anyone?

Malik is not dating anyone at the moment. He is single. He was in a relationship with Australian singer Iggy Azalea.

Michael Scales's son, Malik Monk.
Michael Scales's son, Malik Monk. Source: Instagram


His son Malik is 25 years old

Net Worth

His son Malik's net worth is estimated to be $3 million

Michael Scales's ex-wife and their son, Malik Monk.
Michael Scales's ex-wife and their son, Malik Monk. Source: Instagram

Malik Talked About His Friendship With Jonathan Bradley

Malik said that Jonathan is like a brother to him. He met him when he was in eighth grade. They have known each other since then. 

They played together in college. He said they were top guards during high school and college and was happy to replicate them. 

He added he was happy to have Jonathan in the backcourt with him.

Malik On Joining Sacramento

Malik signed a two-year contract with Sacramento Kings in 2022

Malik revealed that when he got an offer from the club, he talked with his friend De'Aaron Fox who was playing for Sacramento

He wanted to know his thoughts about him joining the club, and after that, he decided to join the club. 

He added he was attracted to the style of play as he was used to playing up and down. 

He added he loves how the club players play together as a team. 

What Does Malik Do During His Break?

During the off-season, Malik starts his day like other people. He wakes up in the morning to work out and walk out with his dog. 

He loves to go to the beach with chill with his dog. Sometimes he also goes to the beach during nighttime. He loves hanging out with his people.

Malik Talked About LeBron James

Malik played for Los Angeles Lakers from 2021-2022. After he left the Lakers, Malik said that LeBron James played a big part in his coming to LA Lakers

He said he would help every teammate who contacted him. He said he is a great player, and people admire him for that. 

Malik's Thoughts On His Impressive Playoff Debuts

Malik played his first playoff, and it was his first win experience. Malik said he joined the club to change culture with his friend De'Aaron

He said he knew there was an excellent opportunity for them in the club. 

He said he knew about the organization and said they would be sleepers and had to come to wake people up, and he was happy that they did that. 

He added the environment and fans and had great fun playing the game against the Warriors

He said he would celebrate the win and be ready for the next game on Monday

Michael Jordan Slapped Malik On The Head

When Malik was playing for the Hornets in one of the games, Malik was given a technical foul after heading to the court to celebrate their win before the time expired. 

Michael is the owner of the Hornets Club, and he was on the bench watching the game. 

So Michael slapped his head for getting caught off. Later, he said it was like a big brother and younger brother tap. 

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