Who Is Michael Silva? Brother Of Darcey Silva

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Who Is Michael Silva? Brother Of Darcey Silva

Micheal Silva was the brother of TV personality, actress, and designer Darcey Silva. His sister is known for starring in TLC's 90 Days fiancée

Parents of Michael Silva.
Parents of Michael Silva. Source: Facebook

Michael has another sister named Stacey, who is a twin of Darcey. Michael was the oldest, and he loved his sisters a lot. 

He died at the age of 27. Michael was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 24.

He had been battling cancer for a long time, and in 1998, he passed away. 

Darcey And Stacey Burst Into Tears Remembering Their Big Brother

In an episode of 90 Days Fiance, Darcey and Stacey visited their brother's grave. Their brother died in 1998 due to cancer

Darcey said her brother fought hard to fight cancer but failed. 

She said that her brother had so much strength and was their protector. She said she feels that he is with her every day. 

Whenever the sisters go through some hard times, they remember him, see their brother in the graveyard, and spend time with him.

Darcey said that her brother meant the world to her and was one of a kind. 

Both of them appreciated that their brother was a real man who treated his women well and said that they also needed someone like their brother. 

Darcey said that her brother gives her hope and peace. 

Michael Silva with his twin sisters.
Michael Silva with his twin sisters. Source: Instagram

Darcey Wants To Date Men Of Her Age  

Darcey has two failed relationships. She was married to Frank, with whom she shares two daughters. 

She was engaged to Georgi Rusev. They called off their engagement in 2022. After two heartbreak, she chose a different path to find love for herself. 

She revealed that she has started working with a matchmaker. She said she would date men as she had never dated before. 

She is looking to meet different stature of guys, mainly of her age. 

Her matchmaker is also a dating coach, so she is learning tips to attract new men. 


His sister Darcey is 46 years old. 

Net worth

His sister Darcey's net worth is estimated to be $2 million. 

Michael Silva's sisters.
Michael Silva's sisters. Source: Facebook

Darcey's Ex-Boyfriend Was The Best Man At Her Sister Stacey's Wedding

Darcey twin sister is renewing her wedding vows to Florian Sukaj. 

Florian chose George, Darcey's ex-boyfriend, as his best man for the wedding. Darcey is her sister's maid of honor. 

Darcey is unhappy with Florina's decision. She said that this would make her feel awkward and uncomfortable. 

She said she wouldn't be walking down the aisle with Geroge as the best man in their wedding. 

She added that his decision to make him his best man was a disaster for his wedding day. 

Darcey Talks About Her Cosmetic Surgery

Darcey is quite open when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Darcey said that no one could defy age, but they love some youthful glow on their face as it makes them feel young-spirited. 

She said she wanted to defy age, so she chose a medical way. Stacey and Darcey went to Turkey for their cosmetic surgery

They said that they were happy with the results. Both did the nose job, lift their lip, removed some fats, and did liposuction. 

Darcey said that after the surgery, she felt much better. Even her kids appreciated her. She said she is honest and transparent about everything. 

She said there was no need to be ashamed about it. 

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