Who Is Michael Thomas Berthold? Late Father Of Kate McKinnon

by Manisha Mon Oct 16 2023 Updated On Mon Oct 30 2023
Who Is Michael Thomas Berthold? Late Father Of Kate McKinnon

Michael Thomas Berthold is the late father of actress, writer, impressionist, and comedian Kate McKinnon

He worked as an architect. He died when his daughter Kate was 18 years old. 

He was married to Laura Campbell, who served as a parent educator. They have two daughters, Kate and Emily Lynne Berthold.

Michael Thomas Berthold with his wife.
Michael Thomas Berthold with his wife. Source: Instagram

Is Kate Married?

Kate is open about being lesbian. She is in a relationship with Jackie Abbott

Her partner is an actress and photographer. They made their relationship official in 2017


His daughter, Kate, is 39 years old

Net Worth

His daughter, Kate's net worth is $9 million

Children of Michael Thomas Berthold.
Children of Michael Thomas Berthold. Source: Instagram

Kate Went To The Same College As Greta Gerwig

Greta is the director of the hot movie Barbie. Kate was also one of the cast of the movie. 

Kate shared that she went to college with Greta. They lived in the same filthy and disgusting dorm during their college years. 

She said that there was vomit in the bathtub, and they didn't know where it came from. She said no one cleaned it. 

Kate Was Surprised By Bin Chickens In Australia

Kate shot in Australia for the series Joe Vs Carole. Kate shared that people should visit Australia for people and the animals. 

She said Australia has a lot of harmless, beautiful animals. 

She shared that on her first day in Australia when she was walking on the street, she saw the most beautiful bird that she had witnessed in her life. 

She said the bird was big, covered with white feathers, having an elongated beak, flapping the wings, and walking sideways. 

She was shocked to see such amazing birds walking on the streets. She thought that she was blessed to witness such a sight. 

She asked a guy about that bird, and he told her it was just a bin chicken. 

She got to know that the bin chickens eat garbage from dumpsters, and they are like pigeons in Australia

She said they have eight songs about how much they hate those birds. 

Kate Was Supposed To Kill The Lantern Fly

Kate said she loves to walk and see things while walking. She spotted a bug while walking on the street and took a photo of it. 

She loved that moth and found that it was very gorgeous. 

A few days later, the New York Times posted about lanternflies, telling everyone to kill the lanternfly if they spot them anywhere. 

She got to know that the moth was an invasive species and they needed to be murdered mercilessly. 

She told herself she would kill that moth if she spotted it again.

Kate Talked About Leaving Saturday Night Live

Kate was cast member of the series SNL from 2012 to 2022

She decided to leave the show after running the show for a decade in 2022

She mentioned that she has not cleared her office yet as she has things and junk that have been piled up for ten years

She said that she was going to leave some surprises behind. 

She revealed she collected prosthetic items in SNL and made little art pieces from them.  

She used to stick prosthetic noses and ears on bottles and pianos. 

She said her cat would be surprised that she would be at her home by afternoon from then. 

Kate Talked About DC League Of Super Pets

Kate played the character of Lulu in a 3D computer-animated superhero comedy film, DC League of Super Pets

She was the villain in that movie, even though her character was cute. She was super funny in that movie. 

She loved being a guinea pig. She said the evil part is the essence of comedic character for her.

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