Michael Tierney – Meet Proud Father Of Kieran Tierney

by Pragya Tue May 21 2024 Updated On Tue May 21 2024
Michael Tierney – Meet Proud Father Of Kieran Tierney

Michael Tierney is the father of professional player Kieran Tierney. He is married to his wife, Gail Tierney.

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Michael Tierney with his wife Gail Tierney and son Kieran Tierney
Michael Tierney with his wife Gail Tierney and son Kieran Tierney. Source: Instagram

Michael is a supportive and proud dad. 

Michael's son is a well known footballer now. 

His son Kieran started his football journey when he was very young, and throughout his entire career, Michael and his wife supported him. 

Michael has always been a big supporter of Celtic, so he wanted his son to play for Celtic, and his son did. 

He used to join his son every Sunday during training sessions and gave up so many things for him. 

Kieran, in an interview, said his father, Michael, told him how proud he was after he had a few beers on a Sunday night. 

Michael apparently had a chat with his son and told him how proud he makes the family. 

Kieran also couldn't contain his happiness knowing his family was proud of him and appreciated everything they did for him. 

He said he wouldn't be where he is now without his parents. His parents are always at the stadium of Kieran's games to support him. 

Kieran remembered a time when he was at Tynecastle and had a hard time locating his parents. 

He then saw his mother and then his father at the start of the game when he went out for the warm-up. 

He also joked and said one cannot miss his father in his big green T-shirt. 

Michael Tierney with his son Kieran Tierney
Michael Tierney with his son Kieran Tierney. Source: Instagram

Michael instilled a hard-work mentality in his son

Kieran said one of Michael's quotes was to treat every game and every training session like a cup final and to always give 100 percent. 

Michael filled that into his son when he was young, and his son takes it to this day. 

Michael and Gail also made sure to keep their son grounded and not let fame and fortune get into his head. 

Kieran revealed one incident where his father would insist on driving him even after he was the father of a successful footballer. 

Michael would always say, I will be your driver, I will be your driver. 

His son, Kieran, laughed and said he is hopeless as he will always be his own driver and hopes he will always keep his feet on the ground. 

To repay them for every sacrifice they made, Kieran bought them a house.

Michael Tierney with his wife Gail Tierney and son Kieran Tierney during signing
Michael Tierney with his wife Gail Tierney and son Kieran Tierney during signing. Source: Instagram

Who is Michael’s son Kieran? 

Kieran is a professional footballer who currently plays for La Liga club Real Sociedad. He is on the team as a loan player from Arsenal

Also, he plays for the Scotland National team. Kieran was born in the year 1997 and has his birthday on June 5. He is a Scottish citizen by nationality. 

Age and Nationality 

His son, Kieran, is 26 years old. He has a net worth of $19.5 Million, which he earned from his football career. 

Michael Tierney son Kieran Tierney
Michael Tierney son Kieran Tierney. Source: Instagram

Kieran will not be part of the Premier League this season? 

Kieran joined the team Arsenal back in 2019. He played many games for the team and had played in the Premier League for many years. 

However, in the summer of 2023, he was transferred to Sociedad as a loan player, so this season, he won’t be part of the Premier League. 

Kieran talked about his transfer in an interview and opened up that he has no regrets that he won’t be part of this season. 

It was really tough for him to leave Arsenal, and now that he has been transferred to another team, he has no idea if he could again go back to Arsenal or not. 

But he knows what he signed up for when he moved to Sociedad, so he has no regrets about not being part of the 2024 Premier League. 

Also, he wishes his old team would win the Championship League this year.

What’s the best thing for Kieran? 

In one of the interviews, Kieran talked about one of the best things in his life, which is he enjoys making his family proud. 

Kieran started his football career when he was very young and now he has made a successful career. He has played many games and gave his best in every game. 

His family has always supported him, and seeing him as a successful and hardworking person has made his family really proud, and it is the only best thing in his life. 

However, when he started achieving fame, his mom was really scared. 

His mom watched big celebrities and footballers change after success hit them, so she became insecure that Kieran would also become a different person.

Kieran, on moving to Arsenal 

Kieran moved to Arsenal back in 2019. Prior to Arsenal, he played for Celtic and did a great job over there. 

As a Celtic player, he was trained hard, so when he moved to Arsenal, he was all up for giving his best and working hard for the team’s betterment. 

His move to Arsenal happened really fast as he got informed just a day before. 

He was in the park watching his teammates train, and that was when he knew that he had to leave for Arsenal

He caught the plane and flew straight. He also didn’t get to sleep, but when he came to Arsenal, he knew about the Arsenal fans. 

They tracked his flight on social which he found absolutely crazy. He had never known of fans doing such a thing, so it was all weird and crazy to him. 

Despite everything, he was really excited to play for the team and blend with his new teammates.

Rob is Kieran’s favorite? 

Rob and Kieran played in the same team, Arsenal, before his transfer to Sociedad

They had a good relationship, and in one of the interviews, they played Q and A, in which Rob asked Kieran, his favorite team player from their squad. 

Kieran named Rob, which made Rob very emotional, and said Rob is a very helpful teammate. 

He is always there for everyone on the team, which Kieran really appreciates. 

When Kieran joined Arsenal, Rob made him feel welcome and helped him with everything. 

Also, Rob was very vocal and took a stand for every player on the team.

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