Who Is Michaele Salahi? Stunning Wife Of Neal Schon

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Who Is Michaele Salahi? Stunning Wife Of Neal Schon

Michaele Salahi is the wife of American rock guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist Neal Schon. Michaele is a television personality and model.

She was born in Oakton, Virginia.  She is an American citizen by nationality. 

Married Life Of Michaele 

Michaele is married to her husband, Neal Schon. The couple got married to each other in 2013.

The couple has been happily married for nine years and happily enjoys their love life. 

Michaele Salahi and her husband, Neal Schon.
Michaele Salahi and her husband, Neal Schon. Source: Instagram

Who Is Michaele's Ex-Husband?

Michaele was previously married to her ex-husband, Tareq Salahi. They got married to each other back in 2003

They were married till 2012, and after that, they got divorced. 

Michaele Went Missing

Michaele's ex-husband Tareq filed a case saying that Michaele went missing in 2011.

They were still married then, and Tareq was not contacting her, so he filed a missing case. 

The case was dismissed after knowing that she departed secretly with Neal.

Age And Net Worth 

Michaele is 57 years old. She has a net worth of $10 Million. Her source of income is a TV personality.

Michaele Doesn't Want Anything In Return

Michaele revealed in one of her interviews that, from her childhood, she had been a people person and had always been the center of attention. 

She expressed that her mother always taught her to help others and be their support no matter what. 

She was raised in such a way that she didn't expect anything in return for her help. 

She said that it was the biggest reason for her success. 

Also, she expressed that she might not have great power or an empire, but her fashion sense and beauty are more like power for her as they were also a key element behind her success.

Michaele Wants To Be A Gay

Michaele, in an interview, expressed that if she were gay, she would have felt unique and proud. 

She revealed that she would make the community proud of her work. 

Although she is not gay, she is pretty familiar with the community and the difficulties that the gender faces every day. 

Hence, she is one of the activists who not only supports gay but has fought to legalize gay marriage. 

In her days at Real Housewives as well, she had used her fame to promote gay marriage with some help from David Catania, a D.C. council member.  

Michaele believes everyone should be free to express themselves and be with someone they love.

Neal Kidnapped Michaele

Michaele was then married to her ex-husband, Tareq

Michaele once told Tareq that she was going to her hair salon, but she didn't contact Tareq afterward. 

Tareq got worried and tried contacting her. She then called Tareq and said she would see her mother. 

But when Tareq reached out to her mother, she was not there.

Tareq then went to the police and told them that Michaele had called him, and it seemed forced to talk. 

Later, searching found that Michaele was having fun with Neal, and she did it secretly because she didn't want Tareq to know about it. 

After the act, Tareq filed for divorce against Michaele.

Michaele Salahi and Neal Schon.
Michaele Salahi and Neal Schon. Source: Instagram

Michaele Crashed The Party At The White House

Michaele was rumored to crash the party and the White House without anyone knowing to increase the TRP of the show she was doing. 

But in an interview, she cleared out that it was nothing like that and that the real thing was completely different. 

She appeared to be invited to the party with the written invitation. 

She expressed that no strangers without permission can enter the white house, and they do not just check IDs but check every detail about the person. 

So, no uninvited guests can enter the White House. 

Moreover, there were hundreds of guards, and getting so close to the president could not be done without permission. 

And about the story of their invitation to the white house, she revealed that it would be published in the book, which was released after weeks of that interview.

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