Michal Sadilek Stunning Girlfriend Natali

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Michal Sadilek Stunning Girlfriend Natali

Michal Sadilek is a Czech professional footballer currently playing for Eredivisie club Twente and the Czech Republic National team as a midfielder. 

Before Twente, Sadilek played for PSV. During his time at PSV, he played on loan for Slovan Liberec and Twente.

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Early life 

Sadilek was born in Uherseke Hradiste and grew up in Uherske Ostro, a small village with about five thousand inhabitants. 

His father is an electrician, and his mother works in an office.

Sadilek was just five years old when he started playing football and soon enrolled in the nearby village club, Ostrozka Nova Ves. 

His grandfather Antonin and his brother Lucas, who is also a professional footballer, trained him. 

Sadilek's grandfather, whom he describes as the most important person in his life in terms of football, played as a left-back at a good amateur level.

Sadilek was eight years old when he started playing for Slovacko. He was spotted by PSV scouts with the Czech Republic Under-16. 

Initially, there was doubt about his physique and height, but PSV eventually agreed to rent the small midfielder for one season the following year. 

Within three weeks, he cleared up all the doubts and was always first on the scoresheet of trainer Peter Uneken

After three and a half years, he made it to the first team.


He was born on the 31st of May, 1999. He is currently 24 years old.

Net Worth 

His net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. 

Leaving home at the age of fifteen was more difficult for his parents than him

Sadilek was 15 years old when he left home to play for PSV, thinking it would be the perfect place to develop. 

In an interview, he said that leaving home was tougher for his family than him and that his family missed him more than he missed them. 

He could be himself very well and doesn’t need anyone around him, he said.

Sadilek also said that he has seen his parent’s hard work so he knows what hard work is and that now he earns well, he can give something for his family. 

His parents have been incredibly supportive and have helped him with everything, so one of the reasons he plays football is also for them.

Sadilek talks about tinnitus

Sadilek has been suffering from tinnitus since August 2023. During an interview, he shared about the difficult time suffering from tinnitus. 

According to him, it sounded like he could hear his heartbeat and blood rushing in his right ear. 

He started focusing more on the sound, which made it stronger and stronger. The reaction was bad when he went to see a few matches. 

He suffered a headache after every sound, he said. 

He also added that he is slowly getting used to the sounds and also expressed his gratitude to those who helped him during those difficult times.

Who is his girlfriend?

Sadilek has been in a relationship with a girl named Natali. They have been dating since 2020 and are head over heels in love. 

He keeps on sharing beautiful pictures and spending quality with her. The couple might get hitched any time soon.

Michal Sadilek with his girlfriend Natali
Michal Sadilek with his girlfriend Natali. Source: Instagram 
Michal Sadilek and Natali have been dating since 2020
Michal Sadilek and Natali have been dating since 2020. Source: Instagram
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