Who Is Michele Lacroix? Wife Of Kevin De Bruyne

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Who Is Michele Lacroix? Wife Of Kevin De Bruyne

Michele Lacroix is the wife of Belgian professional football player Kevin De Bruyne. 

She has three children with her husband. Michele was born in December 1995

She is a Belgian citizen.

Michele Lacroix's children.
Michele Lacroix's children. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Michele is married to her husband, Kevin. The couple got married in 2017. 

Before getting married in 2017, the couple dated for three years. They started dating in 2014. 

As of 2022, they share three kids together, and the names of their children are Mason Milian De Bruyne, Suri De Bruyne, and Rome De Bruyne.

Michele Lacroix with her husband, Kevin De Bruyne on their wedding day.
Michele Lacroix with her husband, Kevin De Bruyne on their wedding day. Source: Instagram


Michele is 26 years old. She celebrates her birthday in December.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Kevin is $60 Million. His source of income is being a football player.

Michele Lacroix's husband, Kevin De Bruyne.
Michele Lacroix's husband, Kevin De Bruyne. Source: Instagram

Kevin Got Cheated By His Ex-Girlfriend

Kevin was previously with his ex-girlfriend named Carolyn.

In 2014, Kevin opened up about his ex-girlfriend's cheating on him in an autobiography. 

His ex cheated on him with Thibaut Courtois, who is also a football player as well as Kevin's friend. 

His ex-girlfriend accepted that she hooked up with Thibaut while she was dating Kevin

Family of Michele Lacroix.
Family of Michele Lacroix. Source: Instagram

She went to Madrid for vacation, and that was when she met Thibaut.

She confessed that they did something that they shouldn't have. 

She also accused Kevin saying that he was the one who cheated on her first. 

According to her, Kevin cheated on her with another woman back in 2012.

After that, Kevin broke up with Carolyn, and his relationship with Thibaut only got limited to professional.

Kevin Is A Difficult Person

While growing up, Kevin was given the title of being difficult many times. 

He was just 15 or 16 when he was living with his foster parents. 

He was doing all right, alone, as he was a shy and less interactive person. He didn’t speak to anyone nor troubled anyone. 

There were no complaints from his school in the entire year. 

But after returning to his home from his foster parents, he was rejected to be sent back to his foster parents. 

They didn’t want him back. He was said to be a difficult child as he was not interactive. 

His shyness gave him the name of difficult, and he felt bad about it.

But it all changed after he moved to the first team of his football team.

Kevin Felt The Loneliest In His Life

Kevin is a successful football player and is loved by many now. But things were not the same for him in his past. 

He was not liked by his parents and was sent to boarding school. 

He also expressed to his parents that he didn’t care about their existence. 

He struggled in his boarding school days as he used to be all alone. 

He used to study and train at the same time. He was in the first team of Genk, so he had to train up to 9 pm. 

In his school, people used to sleep at 9, so he sometimes got food and sometimes didn’t. 

He didn’t have friends, so he felt the loneliest. 

Still, he carried on because he decided to play football and follow his passion.

Kevin Wants To Thank His Parents

His parents abandoned Kevin. They didn’t want him, and he was sent away by his parents. 

But after he got better and much stronger, they wanted him back. So, Kevin also turned back to them. 

He didn’t want his parents and did everything on his own. 

But now, he thinks that he needs to thank his parents because they were the ones that filled all the anger and energy into Kevin, which he utilized in the games and became better day by day. 

He showed all his aggression in his matches and scored in a lot of games. It made him successful.

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