Who Is Michelle Haab? Wife Of Gordy Haab

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Michelle Haab is the wife of Gordy Haab, an American record producer. They have been married for a long time. She has two children.

Currently, she is living with her spouse and two beautiful kids.

Gordy's Love For Star Wars Inspired His Career

Gordy fell in love with Star Wars as a kid, and it became his favorite movie series. 

This love greatly influenced his job as a composer, especially for Star Wars video games. 

His career started when he got a chance to work on a fan-made film called Ryan vs Dorkman 2

This opened his doors to composing music for big games like Indian Jones and Star Wars

While creating new music for Star Wars, Gordy aimed to be original while still fitting in with John Williams's famous tunes. 

He compared it to using familiar colors on a palette but in his way. 

So his journey is about combining his love for Star Wars, composing skills, and finding a unique musical voice in the iconic Star Wars universe

For Star Wars: Battlefront II, Gordy worked with a small team building on his experience from Battlefront I

They had essential meetings to discuss the game’s story, characters, and how music would improve it.  

Even though there was a lot of pressure and close supervision, Gordy stayed inspired by the great music of John Williams and other composers. 

Michelle Haab's husband, Gordy Haab.
Michelle Haab's husband, Gordy Haab. Source: Instagram


Michelle's husband, Gordy, was born on March 10, 1976. He is 47 years old

Net Worth

Her husband, Gordy, has a net worth of about $5 million.

Gordy Won The Video Game Score Of The Year 

Gordy, a game composer, is a top choice to follow John Williams in scoring Star Wars after Episode IX.

Gordy, acclaimed for creating 15+ hours of music in nine Star Wars games, won the video game score of the year for Star Wars: Battlefront II

John Williams expressed nervousness and praised Gordy’s work, noting unique themes for characters like Chewbacca and Greedo. Gordy, recognized by Lucas, blends originality with honoring John Williams's legacy. 

He sticks to traditional pencil and paper methods despite tech progress. 

Electronic Arts spotted his talent, making him a crucial Star Wars composer

His transition to film scoring is uncertain, but EA’s Steve Schnur sees him as the next generation after Michael Giacchino

Gordy Talks About Creating Music For Video Games And Films

In the podcast, Gordy shares his process for creating music for video games and films. 

He values his preference for writing music by hand, starting with a rough sketch on the piano. 

After creating a synthesized mock-up for approval, he moves to notation software to orchestrate the piece for the orchestra. 

Gordy highlights the importance of understanding each instrument in the orchestra, recommending listening to classical music while studying scores to recognize different sounds and instruments. 

He learned from John Williams's scores, using them as a reference to develop his color palette. 

Gordy adopted John’s orchestration techniques, comparing them to an artist's initial sketch, and incorporated them into his music to create an original score. 

Gordy also shares a technique he learned from film composer Jerry Goldsmith

He talked about using an English horn and two or three French horns playing with a wood mute to create a sad, sorrowful quality in his compositions. 

This combination works well for soft-spoken melodies, adding a layer of angst and emotion. 

Gordy values the importance of listening to and studying orchestral music to enhance one’s compositions. 

He recommends starting with recordings of orchestral pieces, looking at scores, and using resources like the Adler orchestration book.  

Gordy shared his experience of learning from Goldsmith and applying those lessons to his work in the Star Wars franchise.

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