Michelle Lavigne- Shocking Truth About Avril Lavigne Sister

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Michelle Lavigne- Shocking Truth About Avril Lavigne Sister

Michelle Lavigne is the sister of Canadian singer, songwriter, and actress Avril Lavigne

Michelle is married to Ryota Kohama and has a daughter with him. Her husband is a Bassist. 

She was born to her parents, Judith-Rosanne Loshaw and Jean-Claude Lavigne. She has two siblings. 

She is of Canadian nationality. 

Michelle Lavigne with her husband and daughter
Michelle Lavigne with her husband and daughter  Source: Instagram 

Married Life Of Michelle Sister Avril Lavigne 

Avril was previously married to Deryck Whibley. The couple happily tied the knot in 2006

They started dating when Avril was just 19 years old. They had known each other since they were in their teenage. 

However, their marriage lasted for only three years, and after that, the couple divorced each other. 

She then married Chad Kroeger in 2013. They were married for only two years. 

Past Dating Life Of Avril

Avril has dated many well-known people in her life. After ending her first marriage, she dated Brody Jenner for two years. 

She then had a relationship with Phillip Sarofim for a year. As of 2022, she is in a relationship with Mod Sun

They started dating in 2021.

Avril Lavigne with her boyfriend Mod Sun
Avril Lavigne with her boyfriend Mod Sun  Source: Instagram

About Avril Lavigne

Avril is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and actress born on September 27, 1984. Her full name is Avril Romona Lavigne

She was born to Judith-Rosanne Loshaw and Jean-Claude Lavigne and was raised by them in Ontario, Canada. 

Avril started singing at a very early age. She started her singing career at the age of 16

She is a talented singer who has managed to win several hearts with her voice and songs. 

Michelle Lavigne sister Avril Lavigne
Michelle Lavigne sister Avril Lavigne Source: Instagram 

Avril Battle With Lyme Disease Brief Detail

In 2014, Avril was diagnosed with Lyme disease. She talked about her struggles with Lyme disease in an interview and said that it was the worst time of her life. 

She had to completely depend on bed for two years because of that disease. It all started when she was on a tour. 

She woke up at night covered in sweat and flu. She thought she was just sick, but it happened time and again for a few months.

She went to the doctors and got her blood tested, but the doctors had no answer about what was going on in her body.

She met top doctors and specialists, and all she got from them was to try getting out the bed and playing piano. 

The doctors kept saying chronic fatigue, and after being outrun by the doctors, she decided to figure it out on her own. 

She had to take a break from her career, and after two months into disease, she figured out she had Lyme disease. 

After the diagnosis, she went to meet the Lyme specialist and believed that it could be treated. 

Her battle with Lyme disease was not easy, but she kept her 100% faith that she would make her way out of the disease. 

During that time, her fans supported her a lot. She watched her fans videos supporting her, which made her emotional, and she actually felt their love for her. 

She took antibiotics, took lots of bed rest, and believed that she would be completely okay, and that’s how she defeated the disease. 

She also shared her advice for people battling the same disease and told them to believe that everything will be fine and they will be okay. 

After a few years of struggle, she became fine and got back on track. She felt like she got a second chance to live again and felt very grateful about it. 


Michelle was born on February 11, 1991, and her current is 32 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Avril is $60 Million. She works as an actress, singer, and songwriter. 

The average income of a singer is $157,782 per year. 

Avril’s Boyfriend Inked Her Name 

Avril Lavigne gave an interview to TheEllenShow, where she talked about her new song, boyfriend, and working with Travis.

She started the interview by talking about being back on the track of music. 

She took a break from her music career for four years straight because of her health condition, and now she is getting back on track. 

After a long break, she first released her new album and then a new song with Travis Barker. 

She’s also started getting on tour after her recovery, but sadly, she couldn’t complete it because of the coronavirus pandemic now, as everything is getting okay, Avril has planned to go on the world tour. 

She also signed with Travis Barker’s label DTA label, and in her new single album Bite Me, she collaborated with Travis. 

He and Travis have been friends for 15 years, and now they are working together. 

He is producing and playing drums in her new song. She had worked with Travis once in her song, and now she feels good getting back with him. 

In her new song Bite Me, she also collaborates with many talented people, which she feels great about that. 

Avril explained that her song Bite Me is about not giving a person a second chance, and it’s all about the self-respect thing. 

She also used her past experience of her love life in this song and said that her past love life was not good. 

Also, when she was working on this song, she fell in love with her current boyfriend. 

Her boyfriend has inked her tattoo on his neck. He inked Avril’s name on his neck, and it’s too big. 

Avril said that his boyfriend has more than 60 tattoos on his body, and she also has some tattoos on her hand. 

Avril said that she might probably ink her boyfriend’s name, too.

Avril Lavigne Was Attacked By Strangers

Avril has undoubtedly millions of fans and is loved by many people. 

But many people also hate her out of jealousy. She is fine with all the love and hate she gets. 

But in 2011, things went too far. She was on a night out when five unknown people attacked her. 

They beat her, but she didn't do anything. She suffered a lot of injuries in that attack. 

She had a bloody nose, meshed-up hair, a lot of scars and wounds, and black eyes. 

According to her, she doesn't promote violence, and it is not the solution. 

She came out on Twitter to share the same horrific moment

Michelle Lavigne with her daughter
Michelle Lavigne with her daughter  Source: Instagram

Avril Lavigne Was Replaced By Her Look-Alike

Avril is a singer and songwriter who has created many hit songs. Many people like her, and many are dying heart fans of her. 

But in 2003, people started doubting if she was dead and replaced by a doppelganger named Melissa. 

She also had the name Melissa on her hand. In addition, her facial structure was also changed. 

People thought the record level replaced her. But it all remained a theory. 

Avril Took A Break From Singing

Many youth and teenagers are fans of Avril and her voice. 

People always wanted to hear more from her, but she had taken a break from singing for more than three years. 

She had Lyme disease in 2014. It was so bad that she had to stay in bed for two years and suffered a lot. Her health crisis compelled her to stay away from music.

But she did come back with her best in 2019.

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