Who Is Michelle Rubio? Mother Of Cody Rhodes

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Who Is Michelle Rubio? Mother Of Cody Rhodes

Michelle Rubio is the mother of professional wrestler Cody Garrett Runnels Rhodes, who professionally goes by the name Cody Rhodes

She got married to Dusty Rhodes in 1978, but they were married till the time of his death. 

Her husband died in 2015. Her husband was a former professional wrestler

Michelle Rubio's late husband and their son, Cody Rhodes.
Michelle Rubio's late husband and their son, Cody Rhodes. Source: Facebook

Is Cody Married?

Cody is happily married to Brandi Reed. His wife is also a professional wrestler. They met each other for the first time in WWE

At that time, Cody was already at the peak of his career as Brandi was new to the wrestling field. They did not fall for each other instantly. 

They went on a couple of dates and started to know each other. After that, they fell in love with one another. 

They got engaged in 2012, and they tied the knot in 2013. They are parents to their beautiful daughter.

Cody Rhodes with his wife.
Cody Rhodes with his wife. Source: Instagram


Her son Cody is 38 years old

Net Worth

Her son Cody's net worth is estimated to be $8 million.

Michelle Rubio with her son.
Michelle Rubio with her son. Source: Instagram

Did Cody Leave AEW For WWE?

Cody and his wife left AEW in 2022, which shocked everyone. 

He served as Executive Vice President in AEW since 2019, and his wife was the chief Brand officer. After leaving AEW, he joined WWE

In his documentary, Cody revealed that he didn't leave AEW for WWE. He said he left AEW because of his issues. 

He mentioned he couldn't reveal the issue, but he definitely said it was not because of money or other things. 

He said he left the institution because of his problems. 

He added WWE came as an opportunity after he left AWE, and he went for it. 

Michelle Rubio with her grandchild.
Michelle Rubio with her grandchild. Source: Instagram

Cody's Father Left Him In The Wilderness

Cody's dad was a legendary wrestler. In an interview, Cody said his father was busy helping other people with careers in the wrestling field, and he left him on his own.

He said his father never gave special priority to him just because he was his son. He shared he left someone to take care of him and his wrestling. 

Cody Talked About His Pectoral Muscle Injury

In one of his matches, Cody tore his chest muscle. His whole chest turned dark purple. 

He said he has been wrestling since he was 15 years old. He shared he was so stupid that he used to work out without any warm-up drinking coffee. 

He thought he was invincible. One day in the gym, he sat on a bench to do 295 kg weight without any warm-up. 

One man on the other side was grimacing at him, so he also started frowning at him. 

The gut was going with his routine, and he wanted to show what he could. He immediately felt some pop on his chest. 

His muscle tore entirely before he hit his weights. That other guy ran over to him and asked if he was okay. 

Cody knew he had torn his muscle fully, so he asked the gut to get an MRI

He said after that, there was a black spot on his chest and even on his hands. He said he felt like his body was dying. 

He shared that his wife has seen violence, but after seeing him like that, she could not endure it. 

He felt sorry for his wife as she had to watch him and also their one-year-old daughter. 

He shared he could not carry his daughter because of the injury. 

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