Who Is Miguel Angel Rosich? Father Of Vanna White

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Miguel Angel Rosich is the father of American TV personality Vanna White

He was married to Joan Marie Rosich but later ended up getting divorced. 

He was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, which makes him a Puerto Rican citizen by his nationality. 

About Miguel's Daughter Vanna

Vanna is an American TV personality. She is well known for being the host of the game show titled Wheel of Fortune since 1982

She was born to her parent's mom Joan and dad, Miguel, but was raised by her stepdad and mom. 

She was born in 1957 and has her birthday on Feb 18

Vanna White with her stepdad. Source: Instagram

Is Vanna Married?

Vanna is currently unmarried, but she is in a happy relationship. Vanna is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend, John Donaldson

They have been together since 2012 after knowing each other through a mutual friend. 

During the first meeting with John, Vanna found him quite attractive, and they got along so well that they talked for long hours on their first meeting night. 

They are happily enjoying their love life. 

Vanna was previously married to George Pietro Santo. They got married back in 1990

Two years after their marriage, Vanna got pregnant with their first child. However, she faced a miscarriage and lost their child. 

She finally welcomed her first son Nicholas in 1994 and a daughter named Giovanne, in 1996. They got divorced in 2002.

Family of Vanna White.
Family of Vanna White. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

His daughter Vanna is 66 years old. She has a net worth of $85 Million

Vanna Made A Mistake During The Show

Vanna has been hosting the Wheel of Fortune since 1982, and she is still going on. 

She is always known for her professionalism and perfection in the show. She is always prepared and seems to do her homework for the show. 

But there was just one time that she messed up at the beginning of her career. 

She had to flip the puzzle manually in those days as there was no automatic system. 

So, when she flipped the puzzle, she mistakenly flipped M instead of D. It was embarrassing for her, and she was nervous about it. 

But the team managed it well. Her crew changed the whole puzzle and replaced the new one. 

She then became more serious in her job and never made any mistakes after that.

Vanna Had To Hold Her Dreams For Her Mother

Vanna left her home in South Carolina with the dream of having a career in Hollywood and making her life. 

She left her home with $1000 in her pockets, and like many dreamers, she was waiting for her time, for her fortune. But she couldn't make it. 

She was trying at many places when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. She then had to put her dreams to pause and return to her home. 

Sadly, her mother passed away. She then returned to continue her struggle in Hollywood

She auditioned in many places, including the Wheel of Fortune. She auditioned for Wheel of Fortune with 200 others. 

She was not so confident for the audition, but the selection team saw her uniqueness, so she was selected. 

After that, there was no looking back for her. She continued to put out show after show and made her career.

1986 Was A Hard Year For Vanna

Vanna started her career as a host in 1982, and her whole life changed. By the year 1986, she was successful, adored, and happy. 

She also wrote a memoir, Vanna Speaks, about her relationship with John Gibson, whom she dated from 1980 - 1986

Everything was great, but 1986 went hard on her as she lost her fiance John in a plane crash. 

She learned about her fiance's death through a coroner, and as soon as she got the news, she went down on her knees and was utterly heartbroken. 

It took her a long time to overcome her partner's death; however, with the help of her fans, she managed to deal with it. 

Shortly after that, her photos in lingerie got published in Playboy magazine, which stressed her out. 

She revealed that she did a lingerie photo shoot when she first entered Hollywood and needed money. 

She requested Hugh Hefner, who purchased her photos, not to publish them as it could affect her well-going career, but he didn't listen. 

She then apologized for those photos and revealed everything behind her doing that photo shoot.

Is Vanna A Businesswoman? 

Vanna is quite famous in the entertainment industry because of her acting and hosting. 

However, acting and hosting are not the only things that Vanna is good at. It turns out she is quite a businesswoman. 

She has her clothing and yarn and even sells dolls. 

Vanna was judged for selling dolls, but the critics didn't work at all, as she earned a lot of money by selling Vanna's doll. 

Vanna is quite fascinated by crocheting, which made her open her yarn line. She learned crocheting from her grandmother. 

She did take a break from crocheting but started doing again when she began working on Wheel of Fortune

Also, about her yarn line, Vanna gives half of the sales earned from it goes to St Jude's Children's Research Hospital, and in 2018, she made $2 Million in sales in her yarn business.

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