Who Is Miguel Di Maria? Father Of Angel Di Maria

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Who Is Miguel Di Maria? Father Of Angel Di Maria

Miguel Di Maria is the father of Argentine professional footballer Angel Di Maria. He's married to Diana Hernandez

He had three children, two daughters and a son with Diana. He and his wife used to work in a local coal yard. 

He is an Argentine citizen.

Family of Miguel Di Maria.
Family of Miguel Di Maria. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Miguel 

Miguel is married to his wife, Diana Hernandez, and has three children with her. 

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Miguel Di Maria with his wife and son.
Miguel Di Maria with his wife and son. Source: Instagram

Son's Married Life

Miguel's son Di Maria is married to his wife, Jorgelina nee Cardoso

The couple has been married to each other since 2011 and has two daughters together named Pia and Mia

Before getting married, Di Maria and Jorgelina dated each other for two years.

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Angel Di Maria with his wife and children.
Angel Di Maria with his wife and children. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Miguel is currently 62 years old., however, his son Angel is 34 years old and has a net worth of $18 Million

Di Maria Didn’t Like Manchester United

After playing for a long time at Real Madrid FC, Di Maria went to Manchester United.

He was offered a lot of money there and decided to join the team. 

On the other hand, his wife was against his signing as she didn’t like the country and its people. After moving to the city, she was more regretful. 

The woman in the country didn’t go out without makeup, and they stared and acted as if they would kill you. 

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She even claimed that the foods in the city were worst. She was having nightmares in the country. 

Still, Di Maria had a contract, and they had to stay. But after burglars put their mansion on fire, it made them feel worst about the city. 

They sold the house, and they stayed in a hotel. After one year, the player then moved to Paris Saint Germain FC.

Di Maria Was Betrayed

Di Maria has played for more than six years in Paris Saint Germain, and he has been the leading scorer of all time in PSG

His contribution to the club is very high, and despite his age, he still has the energy of a young player. 

He is one of the playmakers for the club, and as his family is well-settled in the city, he was planning to stay in the club longer. 

But, as his contract was over, he was not given any extended contracts by the club. 

He was not willing to move to another club, but his club looked back on him and didn’t agree to sign him in again. 

The club didn’t even give him a great farewell. He felt frustrated and betrayed by the act of the club. 

He had many clubs to take him, but for his family, he thought Paris was the best place.

Di Maria Had Never Played In Italy

Di Maria has played for almost every great league in the world, with greater clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Paris Saint Germain, but he has never been to any Italian club till now. 

Hence, he expressed that he wanted to play for an Italian club, and Juventus was his best choice. 

As soon as he arrived in the city, he revealed that he felt at home and with family. 

The environment was really pleasing. He also opened up that Juventus FC didn’t win some major trophies in the previous seasons. 

But with his arrival, he hopes to win all the titles with the team. He really is looking forward to showcasing his ability in the league.

Di Maria Talked About Messi

Di Maria spoke about his national team’s teammate Messi and said that he was the best player in the history of football. 

He also said that Messi was better than Ronaldo. 

Di Maria expressed that Messi does everything perfectly, and no one is above him as a player. 

But it was not the only thing he loved about Messi. 

Messi's speech after Argentina lost against Brazil in the Copa America match touched his heart. 

The way Messi was proud of the team, the young players, and the team's effort really made everyone cry. 

He also revealed that Messi was the person motivating the team and was the one to get all the hate and criticism.

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