Who Is Mikaela Hoover? Ex-Girlfriend Of Darren Barnet

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Who Is Mikaela Hoover? Ex-Girlfriend Of Darren Barnet

Mikaela Hoover is an American actress. She was born and brought up in Washington but is of Iranian and Italian descent. 

She got into the limelight after she appeared in The Suicide Squad. She dated 'Never Have I Ever' star Darren Barnet

Parents of Mikaela Hoover.
Parents of Mikaela Hoover. Source: Instagram

Is Mikaela Dating Anyone?

As of now, Mikaela is not dating anyone. She doesn’t have a boyfriend now. She was in a relationship with Darren in 2021. 

They made their relationship official when Darren posted pictures of them on her birthday. 

They also made their red carpet appearance as a couple. They dated for a while. 

There are no details on when they broke up or the reason behind it. 

The two stopped posting about each other and were not spotted together. So it was clear that they got separated. 

So after her breakup with Darren, she is not seeing anyone. She is single.

Mikaela Hoover with her ex-boyfriend, Darren Barnet.
Mikaela Hoover with her ex-boyfriend, Darren Barnet. Source: Instagram

Mikaela Shares About Her Journey To Hollywood

Mikaela has made her way to Hollywood on her own. She said that her journey to success was not an easy job. 

In the entertainment industry, one has to undergo a lot of rejection. She has also faced many rejections before making big in Hollywood. 

Mikaela Hoover with her sisters.
Mikaela Hoover with her sisters. Source: Instagram

She said that one has to be thick-skinned and be able to handle criticism and rejection. 

She said when someone says that she can’t do this or she is not capable, it inspires her to do that and achieve it. 

She said she was well aware of the movie business and how things turn out for someone completely new in the industry. 

She said she had heard many things about herself, not good or pretty enough to be on business. 

But she didn't let that affect her. Instead, she took it as a motivation and worked hard. 

She said she got support from some actresses who empowered and motivated her. 


Mikaela is 38 years old. She is 5 feet 2 inches tall. She weighs around 52 kg.

Net Worth

Mikaela's net worth is estimated to be $1 -5 million. She earns this fortune from her acting and modeling career.

Beautiful Mikaela Hoover.
Beautiful Mikaela Hoover. Source: Instagram

Mikaela Shared About Battling With Depression

Mikaela opened up about living with depression and how she takes care of her mental health. 

She said that on her social media, she used to get a lot of messages about how beautiful she was, and they wanted to look and be like her. 

At that time, she was not feeling anything like that. She was miserable inside and thought that she was not beautiful. 

She said she was not loving and appreciating herself and thought they wanted to be like her. 

That compliment didn’t matter to her as she was not feeling good from the inside. 

She said that she does yoga and meditation to deal with her depression. She loves fast food, and eating is also her escape. 

A Lesser-Known Fact About Mikaela

Mikaela was born in Colbert, Washington. She has three siblings. She was into art right from an early age. 

She got took her dancing lessons when she was just two years old. She starred in local commercials when she was a child. 

She used to be a cheerleader at school. She graduated from Loyola Marymount University. 

After college, she joined acting classes and trained hard to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. 

She went to a theatre school. She always knew that she wanted to become an actress in the future. 

She made her acting debut in 2006. She got into the spotlight in 2008 after she played a role in Sorority Forever

She played a small part in How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men. She loves watching a horror movies. 

It’s her favorite genre. She met the director of The Suicide Squad, James Gunn, when she auditioned for a short movie. 

She took improvisation classes to improve her acting skills at Upright Citizens Bridge in Los Angeles. She is vegetarian.

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