Mike Maignan Wife And Parents

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Mike Maignan Wife And Parents

Mike Maignan is a professional football player who plays as a goalkeeper. He is currently playing for Serie A club AC Milan and the France National Team

His nationality is French and Haitian. 

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Is Mike married?

Mike Maignan has been happily married to his wife. 

Even though he has not revealed any information about his wife, he mentioned he was married and has children in an interview. 

According to sources, he has two adorable children and takes them to watch his matches. 

On May 15, 2022, his daughters were present at San Siro stadium in Milano, Italy to watch their father play a match against Atlanta BC

He was photographed with his daughter after the match ended. 

They were wearing AC Milan black and red jerseys with M. Maignan and the number 16 written on them. 

After the match, they were seen playing football with their father and running around on the football ground. 

It seems like Mike has been a father for the third time as on May 25, 2024, he was photographed with three adorable children at Stadio Guiseppe Meazza in Milan, Italy, at the end of the Serie A TIM match between AC Milan and US Salernitana.

Mike Maignan with his daughters
Mike Maignan with his daughters. Source: Twitter

Who are his parents?

Mike was born on July 3, 1995, in Cayenne, French Guiana to a Guadeloupean French father and a Haitian mother. His mother was born in Aquin

He is blessed with four siblings, two brothers, and two sisters. According to sources, his parents separated and his mother solely took care of him. 

He along with his mother and siblings moved to France for a better future. 

His mother sacrificed a lot for him

He revealed that his mother worked very hard to provide for him and his siblings. 

He said his mother used to drop them off to a lady at 4 in the morning just so that she could take them to school and spend time with them all day. 

His mother used to take the train at 5:30 in the morning to go to Ville-d'Avray and after Mike would get something to eat, she would come back to get him in the evening and he would go home and go to sleep. 

Growing up, they didn’t own a home so they used to live with their aunts and uncles. He said they lived in conditions that were not easy. 

Mike said his mother fought for him and his siblings and traveled for them from Haiti to Guyana

Despite the difficulties, his mother did everything she could for her children and taught them hard work and humility. 

After making a successful career out of football, Mike wanted to repay his mother for everything she did so he asked her if she wanted to stop working because he could take care of her. 

She was happy and proud to hear her son say such kind words but the woman she is, she said, "No, I like working." 

Her son said it is proof of humility which she taught him. Mike also bought a home for her and she couldn’t stop her tears. 

She was not present when her son signed his first pro contract because Mike at that time didn’t have the means to take his mother to the signings but he made sure that he would take her to the following signings. 

He did what he thought and took her to the second and third contract signing. 

He said when his mother saw him, she was so proud that she couldn’t stop her happy tears which made her son feel like his success was finally worth it. 

He said his greatest pride is helping his mother. 

His family is the most important for him

Mike said everything good that happens to your family, especially to your mother, is your greatest pride. 

He further said that the most important moments are you having children, getting married, your sister having a diploma, and your brother succeeding. 

He added everything one sees out there, even if they have cars, even Bugattis, whatever one wants, that is not pride as pride is the success of the family and the rest is nothing. 

He said if he doesn’t make his mother and his family proud, it doesn’t matter if he wins four Champions League, four World Cups, or even the biggest trophies in football. 

His top most priority is to make his family happy especially his mother because she is the most important thing. 

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