Mike Teller

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Mike Teller

Mike Teller is the father of Miles Teller, an actor.

More about Mike

Mike Teller was born and raised in Pennsylvania, Delaware. He belongs to English and Irish ancestry. 

He is a nuclear power plant engineer. He was married to a woman named Merry Teller, a real estate agent. 

She comes from a Russian-Jewish background. 

Mike’s Children

Mike is blessed with three children with Merry. On February 20, 1987, they were blessed with Miles Alexander Teller, one of the well-known actors of today’s generation. 

Besides Miles, they have two daughters named Dana Teller and Erin Teller.

Mike lived with his wife and children in Pennsylvania, Delaware, for few years. 

Later, when their son turned twelve, they moved to Citrus County, Florida.  

Mike’s children
Mike’s children  Source: Pinterest

Multitalented Son

Mike’s son is considered a creative and promising actor of today’s generation.

He rose to fame through the movies such as The Whiplash, The Divergent Series, Fantastic Four, The Spectacular Now and so on. 

He won several nominations through these movies. 

He has impressed audiences with his acting skills, but acting is not only the field that he is good. 

He demonstrated his creative bent of mind from an early age. He was in a high school’s music band. 

He played alto saxophone on his rock band. Starting from the age of fifteen, he started taking drums lessons. 

He used to play drum on a church youth group band. Besides drumming and playing saxophone, he was also into playing guitar and piano. 

Miles was also into sports and used to play baseball on his high school team, hoping to turn professional. 

He also served as a waiter in a restaurant named Crackers

Mike with his son and wife
Mike with his son and wife  Source: Pinterest

Education of Son

Mike’s son graduated from Lecanto High School. He was in a drama club during his high school days. 

After graduating from high school, he joined Tisch School of Arts, affiliated with New York University. He graduated from university getting his degree in Fine Arts

Son’s Fascinating Professional Life

Miles started his professional acting career through minor roles and low-profile shot films. 

After appearing in numerous minor roles and low-budget movies, he got the first big break of his career in the drama movie Rabbit Hole, where he played the character called Jason

He shared a screen with huge Hollywood actors like Nicole Kidman, Dianne Weist, and Aaron Eckhart

With the portrayal of this character Jason, he bagged Chlotrudis Award in 2011 for the best supporting actor category. 

Through this movie, he gained lots of audiences and was finally being recognized by many directors. 

He started getting more serious and high-budget films. He starred in the movies like Footloose, Project x, 21 and Over, That Awkward Moment, Divergent, Bleed for This, War Dogs, and many more. 

He gave his voice to a character named Gilbert for the movie The Ark and Aardvark

Son’s Relationship

Miles married a model named Keleigh Sperry on September 1 of 2019, in Maui, Hawaii

They have been in a serious relationship since 2013. They were engaged at Molori Safari Lodge in the Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa, on August 20, 2017

They are currently on eight years of a serious relationship and one year of marriage. 

Mike’s son and daughter in law
Mike’s son and daughter in law  Source: Pinterest

Son’s Injury

Miles was severely injured in a car accident back in the year 2007. His friend was driving a car. 

His friend lost control of the car. The car was flipped eight times, and he was thrown out of the window. 

He was covered with blood, and his friend thought he was dead. Luckily, he recovered but has few scars on his face.

Miles was just twenty years old when this accident occurred. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Mike has not been revealed. However, the average earnings of a nuclear power plant engineer are eighty thousand dollars

The net worth of his son is structured below:

Net WorthSources
$10 millionActor, Voice Actor

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. The age, height, and weight of Mike have not been disclosed. 
  2. He is American.

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