Milly Alcock Net Worth In 2022 Is Huge

by Pragya Sat Sep 24 2022 Updated On Wed Oct 19 2022
Milly Alcock Net Worth In 2022 Is Huge

Milly Alcock is an Australian actress who is well known for her role in the series House of Dragon, released in 2022

In this HBO series, Milly is playing the role of Rhaenyra Targaryen. 

Why Is Milly Famous?

Milly has been part of many movies like Janet King, Reckoning, and Upright but House of Dragon really gave her a big height in her career. 

Coming from a poor background and working as a dishwasher initially, she has had a great fortune in her acting career. 

Since she has been grinding on acting since 2014, her net worth might shock you.

Gorgeous Milly Alcock.
Gorgeous Milly Alcock. Source: Instagram

What Is The Net Worth Of Milly Alcock?

The net worth of Milly in 2022 is $2 Million. She earns her income through her acting career and modeling jobs.

Milly’s Series Earned In Millions

Milly’s series House of the dragon was a real hit at the box office worldwide. 

The series was viewed by more than 9 Million people on HBO, and the series also broke the internet. 

As a prequel to Game of Thrones, the series was already in the hype, and the number of views broke records in the history of Television. 

Not only that, the series earned more than $ 2.5 Million in a single episode, yet another historical moment in TV history.

Is Milly The Highest-Paid Actress?

Milly has been working since 2014 and has been part of more than 15 Television shows. 

She is still working and earning much more every day. 

Looking at her work progress and the type of role she is getting, it is quite certain that she is going to be one of the highest-paid actresses in her home country. 

She is already on the list of successful actresses coming from Australia and is earning $500000 a year from her different projects. 

Hence, the day is not far when she will be at the top.

How Much Does Milly Earn Per Episode?

Milly is one of the lead characters in the 2022 series House of Dragon. Moreover, her roles in Upright and other series are also major. 

She has never talked much about her salary and earnings from each episode. 

But from her role and the work she puts into each episode, she earns somewhere between $50000 from a single episode. 

It is not her only source of income. She also works as a model for different magazines, from which she earns a fair amount of money. 

Milly Shows Her Rich Life

Looking into Milly’s social media, she posts many photos with modeling poses. She works with a bunch of fashion lines and brands. 

By looking into the entire photo, she seems quite rich as she is seen wearing expensive jewelry like Hasan Hejazi and Miscreants. 

She is also wearing some expensive dresses, and many luxury brands are also working with her, which makes it easy to estimate her worth.

Milly Earns More Than Her Co-Stars

Looking into the blockbuster series House of Dragon, the work actors put into the movie seems to get them great earnings. 

Milly being a part of the series, has also been paid enough by the production. 

Compared to her co-stars, she is one of the highest-paid actresses in the series. 

The only known actor earning more than her is Matt Smith, who makes $52000 per episode

Talking about other casts like  Paddy Considine and Clary Foy, they earn $15000 and $40000, respectively, which is less than that of Milly.

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