Missy Rothstein

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Missy Rothstein

Melissa "Missy" Rothstein is a model, actress, and photographer. She is famous as the wife of Bam Margera. 

Early life 

She was born in Springfield, Pennsylvania, and attended West Chester East High School.

She got her degree bachelor's degree in Communication from Penn State University.

She has not revealed a lot about her family other than her mother's name Marian Rothstein. She lives in Los angles California

She started her acting career in 2003 when he played the role of Beth in Haggard.

The movie which an independent comedy movie directed and produced by her ex-husband, Bam.

In 2007 she was in an American reality show Bam's Unholy Union, which aired from January 30 to April 3, 2007, and had one season; this was also with her ex-husband. 

The show showed the process and plans of her wedding, which was filmed mainly in West Chester, Pennsylvania, with visits to a few other cities.

Married to Bam 

She was married to Bam, who is a famous skateboarder and stuntman. TV personality and a filmmaker.

Missy Rothstein With Husband Bam Margera
Missy Rothstein With Husband Bam Margera Source: Pinterest

In February of 2007, the former couple got married in Loews Hotel in downtown Philadelphia. 

The wedding was also aired on their reality show Bam's Unholy Union. The couple went to Dubai for their honeymoon.

Explaining the messy relationship

Missy's husband Bam's personal life has been explained by Nicki Swift about his marital life and some weird moments that he shared with his wife. 

Bam was married to Missy and they have a child. The couple has never been shy talking about their relations, and they had fun together. The couple got married in February 2007

Their marriage ceremony was not normal like others as Bam created a blunder as he damaged his wife's dress with a paintball. The couple celebrated their reception with lots of fun as Iggy Pop performed in their reception. 

Bam and Missy are no normal couple as they managed to get the same tattoo under the lips, which was shocking. 

The fun-loving couple was about to end their marriage after 3 years of togetherness as Bam opened up that they both had another person in their lives. 

They finally ended their marriage and later it was known that he got married to Nicole Boyd. But it seems like the couple had many issues in their married life. He was rushed to the hospital after excessive use of alcohol. 

The couple was also caught in a drunken condition outside the hotel for this Bam was arrested by police. After the birth of his son Phoenix Wolf, he was also arrested for drinking and driving. 

Bam then took the decision of self-controlling for that he also went to a rehab center for his benefit, but it didn't work for him. He had to go through rehab five times, which was not good. 

The last time he entered the rehab was after shooting the episode with Dr. Phil, with whom he had asked for help.

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Jack Was About To Die 

Bam Margera gave an interview to TMZ where he talked about his project. Bam Margera dragged the attention of people through his acting in Jackass

After it was known that the actor had been removed from the Jackass 4 project, the interviewer asked him about what had happened. 

He opened up that he was removed from the Jackass because he was too Jackass for that.

He also revealed that he went to the rehab center for substance abuse. He went there for only 30 days to drink alcohol and Adderall. 

He thought that he would spend there 30 days and come out of there, but the people over there forced him to stay there 90 days, that was two months more. 

He then agreed to them and asked them if they would be paying his fees for extra days. They said that the bill was on them, and he was okay with that because he was paid 5 Million dollars for every Jackass movie that he does. 

He went to rehab for two substances abuse, but when he came out from there, he was under 18 medications, and the doctor told him to do so. 

That medication that was under tended to kill him. After that, he thought there was no point in earning 5 million if the outcome was dead.

He said that what will he do about that 5 million dollar contract if he won't be there to hold that money as he will lose his life because of an overdose of that medicine. 

He said that the movie's production team tortured him, and he is now thinking of taking legal action against them.

He waited so long to do that movie, but he was suddenly cut off. He never thought of taking action against them, but now he will.

About Margera 

He was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and went to the same high school as Missy; however, he dropped out after a junior year

He got into the limelight when he started shooting his stunts with his fellow stuntmen and made the CKY video series. 

He independently released videos. After his success in CKY, he starred in MTV's Jackass with his friend Ryan Dunn

The show was a dark comedy and a stunt show which aired from October 1, 2000,  to February 3, 2002.

He has also done his independent movies, Haggard, in 2003, Minghags in 2007, in 2008 he released "Bam Margera Presents: Where the#$&% Is Santa?" which was a Christmas Themed movie.

Known each other since high school 

Missy Rothstein Young Picture With Bam Margera
Missy Rothstein Young Picture With Bam Margera Source: MySpace

The former couple went to the same high school and started talking through a mutual friend. 

The couple started dating and got engaged in 2006  and got married in 2007.

Husband with a drinking problem cheats on wife 

After three years of marriage, they got divorced, and missy filed the divorce when she found out about Bam's affairs. 

He supposedly had two girlfriends, one in San Francisco and another living in West Chester

She also broke it off because of his heavy drinking problems. 

In July 2009, he was taken to the hospital due to a four-day alcohol binge; he also went to rehab in the same year but ran away after four days. 

 They got separated in 2010, and their divorce process ended in 2012

Margera is now married to Nicole Boyd shortly after his divorce in 2013. and had a baby boy in 2017 named Pheonix Wolf

Happy after finally breaking through 

Since she had a very rough marriage with her problematic husband, when she yet got divorced after a two-year-long process, she said she finally felt free and wanted to invite people over for her divorce party. 

She even posted a picture of multi-colored balloons and announced that she is just divorced.

Net worth and income sources 

Her net worth is estimated to be $1 million, and her source of income is acting and modeling. It is estimated that she earns $59k from her photograph.

net worth$1 million
income sources acting, modeling 

Age, weight, and height 

  1. She was born on June 3, 1980, making her 40 years old.
  2. Her height is 5 feet and8 inches or 173cm, and her weight is predicted to be 125 to 158 lbs.
  3. She is a Gemini.
  4. She has two cats, Trouble and Mischief.

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