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Molly Carter is the late mother of famous English actor Jim Carter

She was a former land girl and also was a school secretary. She was married to an English man who worked in an Air Ministry.

Molly was born in England and was an English citizen. She has three children. She died at the age of 100.

Jim with his wife and daughter
Jim with his wife and daughter  Source: Instagram

Molly Carter’s Proudest Moment

Molly’s son Jim has been working and serving the drama industry of England for five decades

He has done a lot of appreciable work and character in his career till now. 

For his hard work and dedication towards the industry, he was provided with the award of OBE (Most Excellent Order of The British Empire)

At the age of 99, she heard this proud news of his son, which made her feel good and proud of her son as it was one of the most prestigious rewards in England.

When her son shared news of his OBE, she was thrilled with happiness.

Son Jim is receiving an award from the British Empire
Son Jim is receiving an award from the British Empire  Source: Twitter

Molly Wanted to Celebrate her Death

Jim has already lost both of his parents. He was just 16 when he lost his dad.

He since believed that death is for all and everyone in this world has to die one day for sure. 

Instead of being sad about death or being scared of death, one should prepare for his death.

Molly had also prepared for her death. She wanted to left this world happily and peacefully. She wanted her funeral like be an occasion.

She had also chosen music for her last day.

She also wrote a poem to read at her funeral. She wished she was remembered forever.

Her son also thinks that death is a part of life and it is a thing to celebrates. 

Jim not Allowed to talk about Personal Stuff while Synchronized Swimming

In 2018, Jim was filming a comedy film named “Swimming with Men.” In that movie, his character had to swim in a pool. 

Not just swimming, but he had to do synchronized swimming, which was a challenge for him. 

He had seen the sport in the Olympics and thought it would be easy, but it was not. 

He and his fellow men of the cast crew trained for 3 hours a day under the trainers Katie and Adele.

According to Jim, they were a great trainer and had a positive vibe every time. He did a lot of hard work for the movie. 

It wasn’t a hard job for him to float on water but doing the synchronized swimming was not a cup of tea. 

During the synchronized swimming, one of the rules was to not talk about personal stuff. 

Jim was also made to follow that rule. It is because it creates the environment to enjoy the sport by anyone going through anything.

It makes people not be discouraged while swimming. He learned the synchronized swimming and later did the movie.   

Relationship Status Of Son

Jim was married to his fellow actress Imelda Staunton in 1983. Jim and Imelda were doing a theater drama named “Richard Eyre’s Guys and Dolls.” 

They were rehearsing in January of 1982 when they first met. They together did the drama, and along with the rehearsals, they started talking and eventually began dating. 

After a year, they married in 1983

They together have a daughter named Bessie. She was born in the same year of their marriage. 

They have been married for 21 years and have had no disputes to date.

Net Worth

As of today, the net worth of Jim is about $4 Million. His source of income is a professional actor.

Age, Height, and Weight

She was born in 1921. She died in 2020.

About Jim Carter

Jim was born on 19 August 1948 in Harrogate, Yorkshire, England. He is the son of the late Molly Carter

He was a dropout law student. He then started his career as an actor by doing theater. 

He also met his wife, Imelda Staunton, in a rehearsal for a drama. 

They started dating and got married later after a year. He has done many amazing dramas and movies too. 

He is mainly appreciated for his work on films and dramas named “Top Secret,” “The Madness of King George,” “Shakespeare in Love,” “The Little Vampire,” and so on. 

Jim has a daughter with Imelda named Bessie. 

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