Who Is Monica Braithwaite? Mother Of Rihanna

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Who Is Monica Braithwaite? Mother Of Rihanna

Monica Braithwaite is the mother of icon Rihanna. She is an Afro-Guyanese accountant by profession. 

Monica Braithwaite with her daughter Rihanna
Monica Braithwaite with her daughter Rihanna  Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Monica

Monica tied the knot with Ronald Fenty in the 1980s. They became proud parents of three children. 

Rihanna is the eldest daughter. Rihanna grew up her two sister. She used to live with her husband and children in a three-bedroom Bungalow in Bridgetown, Barbados

Monica's married life was not like a fairy tale. She was not happy in her marriage. 

According to Rihanna, her father used to abuse her mother physically. 

She witnessed their fights a couple of times, even she had intervened to break the fights. 

Her husband was addicted to alcohol and drugs, so she and her children suffered even more. 

Finally, she had enough and ended their marriage in 2002

After that, she has been her daughter's biggest supporter.

Monica Braithwaite with her ex-husband Ronald Fenty and daughter Rihanna
Monica Braithwaite with her ex-husband Ronald Fenty and daughter Rihanna Source: Instagram

Daughter's Relationship Status

Rihanna is currently dating A$AP Rocky. After breaking up with her longtime boyfriend Hassan Jameel, there was a rumor that something was cooking between the two. 

A source revealed that they shared a hotel suite during the trip to New York.

She was reluctant to put any label on her relationship with him. 

An insider said that she was single and just hanging out with Rocky as they had been friends for a long time. 

In 2002, the two collaborated to promote Rihanna's skincare line Fenty Skin

By the end of 2020, they were spotted in New York City

There was news that finally, the duo had taken their friendship to the next level. 

They were spotted at the Beatrice Inn, and a source confirmed their romance. 

They did not respond to their dating rumors, but it was clear that they were a couple as they were seen strolling around in New York at night. 

A source revealed that she is very happy with her new boyfriend. 

They are in a serious relationship as A$AP joined Rihanna and her family on a cruise in Barbados for Christmas Eve

Since 2020 they have been inseparable. 

They like spending quality time with each other and are often seen getting cozy in public. 

In an interview with GQ, Rocky confessed his feelings for her and called her the love of his life.

Rihanna with her partner A$AP Rocky
Rihanna with her partner A$AP Rocky Source: Instagram

Rihanna is a billionaire 

Rihanna gave an interview to the “Access” where she talked about her new project, being billionaire experience and many more. Rihanna started the interview talking about her new project “Savage X Fenty Show Vol.3”. She opened up that her show is combination of fashion, dance, art and beauty. Before this she had created the world how they wanted to but this time it’s different. She is doing her whole show in venue. She fell in love with the venue and as soon as she saw the venue she got tons of ideas on what she can do on that venue. She is very grateful for her cast members and mainly for the directors who helped find the nooks for the show. She has showed her excitement and she can’t wait people to see it. She told that there is many surprises for the people and she just can’t wait to see people reacting to her collection. Rihanna wanted to talk about many things in the interview and she was feeling difficult to hide it but she somehow didn’t tell because she doesn’t want to spoil it. Her stage partner J Nova will be performing on the beginning of the show. Rihanna has been noted as one of the billionaire and it was a weird thing for her but at the same time it was exciting too. She has worked with Comma Curva for her brand and she felt really happy to work with those powerful women. Rihanna told the interviewer that she pretends to be fearless when she doesn’t actually feel like being fearless. Many people congratulated her having money which she found kind of weird but she is getting to inspire a lot of people because people know how she started. She has done a lot of hard work to be where she is now and she is proud of that.


Monica might be in her early 70s.  Her height is 1.73 m. 

Net Worth

Her daughter has a net worth of a whopping $1.7 billion

She is the second richest personality in the entertainment industry. 

She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as a singer, songwriter, actress and entrepreneur.

Monica Was Surprised By Her Daughter 

Rihanna has dreamed of buying her mother a house since she was a little girl. 

In 2012, finally she turned her dream into reality. Oprah Winfrey and her camera were there to witness that. 

Her mom had no idea about the surprise. She thought that it was an interview with Winfrey

Oprah revealed that it was not an interview there was something special for her. 

Her daughter handed her the keys to that house to a stunning five-bedroom mansion in Barbados. 

Her mom got emotional. Her daughter took inspiration from her grandmother to decorate the living room. 

Later, they celebrated and raised a toast for Rihanna, calling her a good daughter. 

She got emotional at that time. Monica was proud of her daughter for everything she had achieved in her life.

Rihanna Is Expecting Her First Baby

Rihanna is pregnant with her first child with her beau, rapper A$AP Rocky

She debuted her baby bump covered in colorful jewels and vintage Channel body chains, and the singer's ensemble is equally on point. 

She was holding hands with Rocky in her hometown. They are over the moon about becoming parents. 

They enjoyed keeping her pregnancy as secret as possible, but they could no longer hide it and shared the news with their fans.

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