Who Is Monika Draxler? Mother Of Julian Draxler

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Who Is Monika Draxler? Mother Of Julian Draxler

Monika Draxler is the mother of German player Julian Draxler, a professional footballer who plays for the Premier Liga club Benefica and the national team of Germany. 

Her husband is Hans-Jurgen Draxler. They share two kids altogether.

Monika Draxler with her husband and son.
Monika Draxler with her husband and son. Source: Instagram

Is Julian Draxler Married?

Julian is not married yet. He is in a relationship with his long-time girlfriend, Lena Sethanie Taing

She is a professional dancer. They are expecting their baby soon. 

Julian Draxler with his partner, Lena Sethanie Taing.
Julian Draxler with his partner, Lena Sethanie Taing. Source: Instagram


Her son Julian is 29 years old

Net Worth

Her son Julian's net worth is estimated to be 38 million Euros

Julain Talked About Playing In Paris

In 2016 Julian signed a deal with Paris Saint-German and joined the club in 2017

He said he was since the day he arrived in Paris and fell in love with the city. 

He said that the club was very nice and it was an ample opportunity for him to be part of such a club. 

He said he had some ups and downs in the first season. Later he got into his shape and helped his team play well. 

Julian Is The Funniest Guy In The Dressing Room

His teammates had said that Julian was the funniest guy on the team. He said it was his image that made them laugh. 

He said that German people are known for not being serious and not laughing around and making fun of others. 

He said when he faces the camera, he becomes conscious and changes his expression immediately. 

Julian is known for his sarcastic jokes. He revealed that he jokes with his teammate to annoy them. 

He revealed that he pretended to ask a serious question with his serious face and irritate them. 

He said that it is very interesting sometimes as the conversation turns out to be funny and makes him happy. 

He said he like pissing people off with his serious jokes. He said some players laugh it off, and some people don’t find it funny. 

He revealed that he targets young and new players as they are unaware of his humor and serious jokes. 

He said that they laugh too much over his serious jokes. 

Julian Is A Good Friend Of Presnel Kimpembe

Julian and Presnel became close friends while playing for the same club, PSG

Julian said that Kimpembe was very welcoming when he arrived at the club for the first time. 

He said he liked him from day one. He said they understand each other very well and are close to each other. 

He is happy to see his growth as a player. He said he was young and not playing much when he joined PSG. 

But later, he became a high-level player and was very happy with his development. 

He said he is a very nice person and shared that he would call him first if he faced any problem in his life. 

He said he would also be there for him if he faced any problems. He said he was lucky to have such a good friend for the rest of his life. 

Julian Spoke About Winning World Cup Trophy

Julian was part of the national team when Germany won the FIFA world cup in 2014.

He said it was the best moment for him as he had dreamt about winning World Cup like everyone, and in 2014, he got an opportunity to turn his dream into reality. 

He said he was really proud of his team for winning the trophy for his country. 

He said he always has goosebumps while talking about winning World Cup to date. 

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