Who Is Monja Willis? Mother Of James Harden

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Who Is Monja Willis? Mother Of James Harden

Monja Willis is the mother of American professional basketball player James Harden

She is married to her husband, James Harden Sr. She shares three children, two sons, James and Akili, and a daughter named Arnique Jelks with her husband. 

She is an American citizen.

Monja Willis with her son, James Harden.
Monja Willis with her son, James Harden. Source: Pinterest

About Monja's Son

James is a professional basketball player. He currently plays for the team Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA

He was born to his parents in the year 1989 and has his birthday on August 26.

Who Is James Dating? 

James might be currently single. However, there has been a rumor of him dating Jessyka Janshel, a social media star

Their dating rumor started after James and Jessyka were spotted together. However, none of them have confirmed their relationship. 

Jessyka is not the only one linked with the talented player. 

In 2020, there was news of James being engaged to Gail Golden. But James' mom came forward and ended the rumor denying their engagement. 

After that, James was rumored to be dating a young rapper Saweetie. 

Monja Willis's son James Harden.
Monja Willis's son James Harden. Source: Instagram

James Ditched His Girlfriend Because Of Attention 

James made his relationship with Khloe Kardashian public.

They dated back in 2015, and their relationship lasted only eight months. 

But their short-lived relationship gained massive attention from the media and people. 

Khloe is one internet sensation, and as James dated her, he also got huge attention from the media, which he didn't like. 

He got followed by the media everywhere, and even his teammates got dragged into his personal life, which he hated. 

The media and public attention were overwhelming for him, which ended his relationship with Khloe.

Age And Net Worth 

Monja was born in the year 1961 and is now 61 years old. Her son has a net worth of $175 Million.

Monja Hates Seeing James Being Trolled

Monja has been a very supportive mom to James and his career. She knows how hard her son worked to be where he is now. 

But sometimes, James's gameplay doesn't go according to plan, and those situations make him get hatred and trolled by the public. 

As a mom, Monja doesn't like seeing other people pointing fingers and judging her son. 

She keeps talking about this matter, saying she wants her son to be respected. Seeing trolls about her son on the internet hurts her. 

Her son James has told her to stay away from social media because of its negative impact, and she keeps her out of it. 

She uses Instagram to post about her son and grandson, but seeing others pointing fingers at James makes her heartbroken. 

She has requested people not to judge her son because many don't even know what basketball is.

Playing Against His Favorite Player 

James gave an interview on Jimmy Fallon's talk show, where he talked about his favorite player. 

James revealed that he had been a great fan of Kobe Bryant, and since childhood, he has supported the Lakers.

Kobe Bryant once said that he would love to have James on his team, and hearing such things from his favorite player was a proud moment for him. 

Kobe said that in the interview, but James never heard those words from Kobe personally.

James also recalled when he played against Kobe in D-League

Kobe was a legend, and playing against his favorite and legendary player was a big-time opportunity for him. 

He said that Kobe was one of the most competitive players he had ever played with.

James Got Criticized For His Way Of Playing Basketball

James has been playing basketball for many years, creating his fan base. 

But his basketball career is not as great as it seems because he gets criticized by many people for his way of playing. 

Dealing with negative talks is not easy for him. Many ex-NBA players have also criticized James for his way of playing. 

The ex-players have shared their opinion on James and said that James's basketball playing is off the rails, and if he plays in his way, he will never be able to win the championships. 

Many ex-players have even said that his way of playing basketball can't be considered as playing basketball. 

Hearing such things from ex-NBA has been too harsh for him, but he can't change how others think about him. 

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