Moonda Tee- Shocking Truth Of Nicholas Brendon Ex-Wife

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Moonda Tee- Shocking Truth Of Nicholas Brendon Ex-Wife

Moonda Tee is the ex-wife of American actor and writer Nicholas Brendon

Moonda herself is an actress by profession. She is well known for her role in Crossbreed. 

She has no children with her ex-husband. She is an American citizen

Moonda Tee with her ex-husband Nicholas Brendon
Moonda Tee with her ex-husband Nicholas Brendon Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Nicholas 

Nicholas was previously married to actress Tressa DiFiglia.

He married her back in 2001, and their marriage lasted till 2006.

After that, in 2014, he tied the knot with his second wife, Moonda, in Las Vegas

Their marriage was very short-lived as the couple ended their marriage in 2015. As of 2022, he is single. 

Reason Of Separation

Moonda and Nicholas immediately got married after Nicholas proposed to her. 

But sadly, their relationship lasted only five months as Nicholas cheated on her partner. 

He had an affair with another woman while he was married to Moonda. So, their relationship didn't last long.

Moonda Tee's ex-husband Nicholas Brendon Source: Instagram

Happiness Having a Job 

In one of the interviews, Nicholas talked about his TV show Buffy Vampire and how he felt when he got to star in that series. 

He started the interview by talking about the wizarding World Chicago in 2011. Nicolas was there and enjoying it and said he had been a member of it since 2010

It was happening mostly on Saturday, and as it was really hot that day, he said it was exhausting. He feels as if he was in Sauna.

Then he opened about the East Coast USA and said he didn’t like that sticky thing over there. He felt it was more like an amusement part and disgusted. 

He also talked about that same thing with his brother. He said that his skin was not reacting well.

After that, the interview asked Nicholas if he had been walking to the ground, taking pictures with fans or not. 

He said he was not going to the ground like many people around him. He said he was given a small place and sat there doing all the signing. 

He was also doing photo shoots for 2 hours and was having a good time. He gained fame because of his TV series Buffy Vampire and people went crazy about the show. 

Nicholas said that when he got a chance to star in that show, he didn’t think of anything else. 

He was just happy that he got a job and he was acting. He has talked about many things in the interview. To know more, do check the link below.


Nicholas is 50 years old

Net Worth 

The net worth Nicholas is $10 Million. He earns as being an actor and writer.

Abused Ex-Girlfriend

A few years back, Nicholas was in a relationship with Sara Allison

The couple dated for a few years, and after that, they broke up. 

According to Nicolas's ex-girlfriend Sara, he was an abuser. 

She opened up that she was mentally, verbally and physically abused by Nicholas. She was beaten badly by him.

Sometime back, she also shared a photo of herself on social media in which she had black eyes. 

She revealed that Nicholas hit her on the railing, causing her that injury. 

She also revealed that Nicholas threatened to sue her if she spoke anything about what happened between them. 

They have a son together, and Sara didn't name her son after his father because she didn't want her son to be like Nicholas.

Regrets About His Deeds

Nicholas sat with Dr. Phill and talked about his mistakes in his life. 

He said that his life would be completely different if he hadn't done things which he did in past. 

He regretted what he had done. He was in tears while speaking. 

He said that he felt hopeless and was also afraid to ask for help from anyone. 

He didn't know why he didn't seek help. 

He opened up that his dad was also the person who didn't ask for help from anyone. 

He tries to do things on his own and thinks that he can do it himself. 

So Nicholas thinks that he got that not asking for help attitude from his dad because he feels that he can do it by himself, which makes him stop seeking help from others. 

Tried To Commit Suicide  

The famous actor Nicholas tried to commit suicide six years ago. 

Nicholas didn't want to take his life on that day. He said he just wanted to hurt himself and wanted someone to help him. 

He knew that he had a lot of things left to do in his life, so his actual motive was not to die. 

He was very happy on the day when he tried to commit suicide. 

He also tweeted a happy tweet and said that he had just returned to his home from a trip on that day and enjoyed that trip. 

But suddenly, he left his happy moment behind and cut his wrist.

Nicholas Left The Ongoing Show 

Dr. Phill invited Nicholas to his show, and there, Dr. Phill talked to him. 

Dr. Phill asked him if he had drunk alcohol before arriving at his show, and Nicholas answered, saying that he didn't drink any alcohol that day, but he had some beer the day before the show. 

Dr. Phill started reading a report about him in which it was written that he was in a bar with his girlfriend. He stood up and left the show, which was rude. 

Dr. Phill called him on his show so that Nicholas could share his story about alcoholism and help others, but his behavior showed that he was not ready to help others. 

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