Who Is Morgan Wade Parents and Partner?

by Pragya Mon Dec 18 2023 Updated On Tue Dec 19 2023
Who Is Morgan Wade Parents and Partner?

Morgan Wade is a country music singer known for her albums Psychopath and Reckless. She was born to her parents in 1994 in Floyd, Virginia

She has her birthday on December 10. Her mom’s name is Robin Fonville

She has four younger siblings. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Morgan Wade with her father.
Morgan Wade with her father. Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

Morgan is not married yet. 

Also, her current relationship is unknown. However, there has been a rumor that Morgan is dating Kyle Richards

Lately, Morgan and Kyle have been very close to each other, which created the whole rumor of them dating. 

However, both ended the rumors, saying they were just good friends. 

Morgan has also been linked with Joe Link because of her tweet in 2018

In that tweet, she wrote that she had a relationship with Joe for five years. 

Before Kyle's rumor, it was known that Morgan was dating Kady Cannon

Kady was the one to reveal about their private relationship.

According to him, they dated from 2021 to 2022

Age And Net Worth

Morgan is 29 years old. She has a net worth of $7 Million. Her source of income is singing

Morgan Wade with her mom.
Morgan Wade with her mom. Source: Instagram

Kyle Richards Followed Morgan

Morgan’s friendship with Kyle Richards, one of the well-known TV Personalities from Beverly Hills, has been going all over the internet. 

People are obsessing over them.

Kyle opened up that she fell in love with Morgan’s song when she heard it on the radio. 

She then started listing her other song and felt that Morgan was excellent. 

After that, she checked Morgan on Instagram and followed her. 

When Morgan knew Kyle was following her, she texted Kyle, asking why she followed her. 

Morgan had no idea who Kyle was until her friends told her. They freaked out when they learned about Kyle following her. 

Then, slowly, they started meeting, and they became good friends in a short time. 

Morgan Is A Morning Person

Morgan is a talented musician and has recently gained a lot of attention from the audience. 

In one of the interviews, she talked about her being an early person, which amazed the interviewer because it was not likely a very musical thing. 

Most of the musicians are night owls and prefer to do all their work during the night, but in the case of Morgan, she likes doing things in the morning. 

She wakes up early, does her rituals, and starts making music. 

Her mom also gets shocked when she sees Morgan getting up so early. 

As Morgan is an early bird, it’s hard for her to work with other musicians because they prefer working at night. 

Morgan Likes Walking

Morgan is very disciplined about the things that she does in life. 

She does everything on time, goes to the gym, runs, and chooses to live a healthy life. 

She doesn’t stay up late nor drink and tries her best to keep her away from problems. 

She said that when she doesn’t sleep on time, she stays up eating junk food, which is not good, so eating junk is the kind of problem she has when she stays up late. 

Also, she doesn’t like staying still. She constantly keeps herself involved in something. 

Even when sitting, she cannot sit doing anything; she reads books or listens to the audiobook. 

She keeps walking, and even while having meetings, she prefers to do those meetings while walking. 

Morgan Removed Her Breast 

In November, Morgan went through mastectomy surgery and got her breast removed. 

Before the surgery, she released the statement of her going through a mastectomy after she found out about the BRCA gene in her body, which is responsible for breast cancer. 

She went through a double mastectomy so that she could be safe from developing breast cancer in the future. 

The country singer revealed that mom had it, too, and she doesn’t feel anything about going through the procedure. 

Finally, in November, she got her surgery and was updated about her situation through her social media. 

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