Who Is Morrion Guerreiro? Stunning Wife Of Raphael Guerreiro

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Who Is Morrion Guerreiro? Stunning Wife Of Raphael Guerreiro

Morrion Guerreiro is the wife of professional football player Raphael Guerreiro. She was born in the year 1993. 

She is currently living with her family in Lorient, France. She is a Portuguese citizen

About Morrion's Husband, Raphael

Raphael is a professional football player who currently plays for the Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund in the midfielder position

He is currently playing for Portugal's national team in FIFA World Cup 2022. He was born in Le Blanc-Mesnil France.

He is French-Portuguese by his nationality. 

Married Life Of Morrion And Raphael 

Morrion and Raphael have been married since 2015.

Before getting married, they both had known each other for a long time and started dating when they were teenagers. 

As of 2022, they have two children together. Their first child son Sacha was born in 2014. 

During the time of their firstborn, Morrion and Raphael were just 21 years old, and they weren't married too. 

Their second child, daughter Ana, was born on 18 August 2016

Morrion Guerreiro with her husband, Raphael Guerreiro.
Morrion Guerreiro with her husband, Raphael Guerreiro. Source: Twitter

Age And Net Worth 

Morrion is 29 years old. Her net worth is unknown. Her husband Raphael is 28 years old. 

Her husband Raphael's net worth is 8 million euros

Raphael Injury Got Him Sent Back From World Cup Qualifier

Raphael was dealing with a calf injury in 2021 and missed many games with his club Borussia Dortmund. 

The injury occurred in the match against Borussia Monchengladbach. He didn’t join the training and games with the club since and was even sent to rehab. 

As the club took care of him, he was called up by Portugal's national team to play in the World Cup qualifier. 

Borussia Dortmund expressed that it was foolish to call an injured player as he won’t be able to play. 

But still, he went to join the squad. But after just two days, he was again sent back to the club because he couldn’t play because of an injury.

It seemed as if he was called to send him back.

Morrion Guerreiro's husband, Raphael Guerreiro.
Morrion Guerreiro's husband, Raphael Guerreiro. Source: Instagram

Raphael Wanted To Prove His Worth

Raphael had come from a very humble family. His father worked in a factory, and his mother served as a housewife. 

So, he never saw a lot of money around him. But when he moved from Caen to Lorient, his worth was €3 Million.

He was just an average player in the second league, so he never thought he would be worth so much money. 

More than him, his parents were shocked by the transfer cost. But he wasn’t overconfident after his transfer. 

He was all on his feet and knew that he needed to perform well because of the money the club invested in him. 

Instead, his confidence was boosted as he wanted to prove his worth to the club.

Raphael Is A Fanboy

Raphael might be playing beside Cristiano Ronaldo for the Portugal national team, but he once was a fanboy of the Portugal legend.

Raphael revealed that he had a giant poster of Cristiano Ronaldo in his parents’ house that he used to look at while growing up. 

Not just Cristiano Ronaldo, but his biggest idol was Pauleta. He also had a poster of Pauleta

He revealed that Pauleta had a big impression on his game and life. 

He wanted to be like the Portuguese striker as he loved how he played and his strategic move. 

Raphael expressed that he loved the big brain of Pauleta.

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